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CyanogenMod 10 & 10.1 by miroslav_mm (New version 23/10/2013)

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(Last edited by miroslav_mm; 25th October 2013 at 11:51 AM.) Reason: + New version CM10 23/10/2013
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Thumbs up CyanogenMod 10 & 10.1 by miroslav_mm (New version 23/10/2013)

CyanogenMOD 10 - Android 4.1.2
New build - Final 1.1 - 23.10.2013
Important patches for wi-fi in the kernel, added support for all regions;
Improved the board, cleaned up the kernel, removed the dead code;
Fix proximity sensor;
Fixed critical bug in the audio kernel's driver;
New-stock wpa_supplicant - full work wi-fi and DLNA software;
Added Post Processing - manual adjustment of HUE, SATURATION, INTENSITY, CONTRAST;
Added Content Adaptive Backlight Control;
Added a new widget - Calendar;
Added weather widget Chronus.

Download clean ROM:
Download ROM with Gapps:

The Most Stable, Fast, Performance and maximum functionality ROM! Without reboots and bsods!

History version:

Build - Final 1.0 - 18.09.2013
Cleaned up the kernel, removed dead code, (more stable)
Trying to fix the proximity sensor; (Fixed reboot, the stability of the sensor is lame)
The system rebuilt; (stable)
Added Qcom proprietary code in SQlite and Dalvik VM; (performance improvement)
Removed item "Restart in fastboot", (an unnecessary feature)
Improved the ported from CM10, 1 application, (visual changes)
Added a couple of widgets to Desklock;
Adreno libs from official 4.1.2, (more fresh)
Added support for 4x MSAA in EGL;
Rebuild audio libs;
Clean ROM, without Gapps and other apps.
and etc.

Build CM10.0-RC3-PreFinal - 25/07/2013
- New kernel 3.4: Kernel clean, hopefully without any extra patches, tweaks and OC, only the most necessary;
- New system libraries JB: taken from the official 4.1 for SU640 for better compatibility: camera, sensors, CPU management, and others;
- CAF patches for framework: surfaceflinger, media, etc.;
- CAF Performance for the CPU;
- Rework audio library: improved sound quality and EQ;
- Transferred and adapted to API16 following applications with CM10.1: Apollo, Trebuchet, LatinIME, CMFilemanager;
- Rework DeskClock, new widgets;
- Added cursor to Messages;
- Fix critical Android bug -
- Added new dictionaries into the new keyboard;
- New settings: BLX - to change the maximum percentage of the charge, G-sensor calibration, CPU statistics;
- Remove Reboot to fastboot/bootloader from Power menu;
- Fully removed CM-camera, native LG camera does all the work;
- Improved power consumption, reduced voltage display;
- Improved DeepSleep;
- Added applications: BatteryGuru, FileShare, SmartShare;
- Added updated GoogleApps;
- HDMI; (need test)
- USB-OTG. (need test)


CM10-RC2 - Build - 16/04/2013
- Fixed FC when calling the lock screen settings from menu launcher;
- Added to launcher few beautiful wallpapers from Optimus G;
- Added the stock Weather widget from Optimus G;
- New 3 Themes for Launcher;
- Breathing SMS icon;
- Contact's info in SMS;
- Brand new/recent JB Adreno Libs - AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_REL_RB4_2. 960_JB_REL_RB4_2.1 - Build Date: 02/14/13 Thu - Remote Branch: jb_rel_rb4_2.1;
- Rework display libs to support the new Adreno Libs with supporting MetaData;
- Rework MDP kernel driver, almost full port from LG LTE2;
- Gallery can see few new media formats;
- Support for AC3/EC3;
- New SW MP3Decoder;
- New SW AACDecoder;
- Support for HW AAC;
- Support SmartassV2 & Inteligament in Power HAL;
- Improved "deep-sleep" with WiFi-on; (thanks Tdmcode)
- Kernel edits: GPU and CPU;
- Smooth and pleasant interface speed;
- GoogleApps updated;
- RUSS translation for Camera and Launcher.


CyanogenMOD 10 - Android 4.1.2 - RC1 - 01.04.2013
Kernel 3.0.31 and from my CM10.1 but with many changes:
Little downgrade for compatibility with 4.1.2;
Ported KGSL and VIDC drivers from official JB Samsung kernel fro 8660 devices;
Partially updated MDP and ported driver from JB kernel LG;
Added Snoopy Compression, the same way he is now, it is used in zRAM;
Reduced voltage WiFi module, I think should eat less;
Includes new decrypts and hashes;
+ 7Mb of RAM;
Last CM10;
Rework all display libs; no more random reboots - VSYNC crashing on stock CM10
Added my "Advanced Nitro Settings";
Ported Stock Camera from Optimus G;
Ported Stock Launcher from Optimus G;
New beautiful Weather icons;
GoogleAps built and updated;

Additional Information:
First start Camera and Cameras observed friezes - this is due to the fact that the camera is looking for sensors and features Optimus G which we dont have! Dont do nothing - just waiting until it creates a new configuration and unfriez!
In Launcher Settings Lockscreen give FC - the reason is simple - we do not have that applications from LG Optimus G!

Download you favorite ROM:
Dont forgot install -

CyanogenMOD 10 - Android 4.1.2 - RC0 - 19.01.2013
Kernel updates:
rework O/C CPU, increase frequency;
rework O/C GPU, increase frequency;
change min/max Voltage;
turn on KSM;
turn on zRam;
turn on Qcache;
Added 4 new Governors;
Added 2 new Schedulers;
a lot of changes and fixes in ramdisk, permissions/services/mount/....

System updates:
HW audio/video decoders DivX/Xvid/H263/H264/Mpeg2/WMV/WMA/ and others;
fix random reboots in Vold;
Native Haptic feedback options;
Native backlight options;
changes in BT and WiFi;
GoogleAps updates and included;

CyanogenMOD 10.1 - Android 4.2.2
New build CM 10.1 - Build - 15/03/2013
- Latest updates from CM;
- Kernel updates;
- C2D composition by default;
- New Power HAL;
- New good scheduler ZEN;
- Smooth interface;
- Emulation 3th framebuffer;
- Fix BT; (my BT-headset working)
- Added support for multiple users;
- Gapps not include;

Bugs: sometimes bugs/artefacts with 1088p recording and playback.


History version:
First build CM 10.1
faster then official ROM;
kernel improvements;
new mobile scheduler ROW (using on default);
FIX BSOD (no more black-screen after sleep);
fix reboot UI;
newest Adreno libs from Nexus 4 (4.2.2);
newest KGSL driver from kernel 3.4 (Nexus 4);
new device setting - vibrator control; (more exclusive setting later)
GoogleAps updates and included;
I recommend use Launcher like Apex or Nova for smooth work, Trebuchet working not very good.

CM 10.1 - Build - 06/03/2013
- Smooth interface! - not stable, so del ro.hwc.mdpcomp.enable = true from build.prop
- Latest updates from CM;
- New C2D libs;
- Fixes and optimizations in the kernel;
- New exclusive settings:
SDCard cache;
Turn-on/off button backlight;
Fast charging from PC-USB;
Turn-on/off WiFi_FAST;
- WiFi sleep when screen is off;
- Hardware Encoders/Decoders - Audio/Video - exclusive features only on LG Nitro!
- STEREO sound in the camcorder and increased bitrate to 128kb/s
- Gapps built and updated;

- Sometimes blue artefacts in the interface, so recommend, open build.prop and delete the line
ro.hwc.mdpcomp.enable = true
and change
on debug.composition.type=c2d
and reboot device. So we turn-on C2D acceleration by latest Qcom libs with c2dGetDriverCapabilities and c2dCreateFenceFD support.


Mirrors are forbidden, support the developer!

Main topic:

My Open Source Project:
CM10 -
CM10.1 -

If you want support me - Donate on WebMoney
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Nice work. Is this compatible for SU640 korean model?
ROM Official JB 4.1.2
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Glad to see another developer coming to the NitroHD. Hope you guys can collaborate to eliminate the common CM10 bugs present in our phones!

Definitely will give your ROM a shot over the next few weeks.

Maybe in another year once i learn more about operating systems I'll be able to contribute too, but currently I haven't got the faintest idea where to start. (Taking Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering)
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downloading to give it a try. i think ill visit 4pda more often like i used to.
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Thanks, just installed it, so far so good. Ill report any issues if they come up.
Device: LG P930 ROM: ICS 4.1.1
(Last edited by abc001; 20th January 2013 at 05:20 AM.)
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Tried, but unable to enable data connection.

Edit: Reflash the ROM again, and data connection works then.
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Default Re: CyanogenMod 10 (4.1.2) by miroslav_mm

Had a few random reboots so far, but could just be my phone. I have never been able to use any of hono's ROMs as think I have a weak chip in my phone, doesn't seem to like anything except stock speed and voltages.

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Default Re: CyanogenMod 10 (4.1.2) by miroslav_mm

Originally Posted by miroslav_mm View Post
Kernel updates:
rework O/C CPU, increase frequency;
rework O/C GPU, increase frequency;
change min/max Voltage;
turn on KSM;
turn on zRam;
turn on Qcache;
Added 4 new Governors;
Added 2 new Schedulers;
a lot of changes and fixes in ramdisk? permissions/services/mount/....
Where is your kernel source?

---------- Post added at 08:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:59 AM ----------

Originally Posted by baviskar View Post
Had a few random reboots so far, but could just be my phone. I have never been able to use any of hono's ROMs as think I have a weak chip in my phone, doesn't seem to like anything except stock speed and voltages.

Sent from my LG-P930 using xda app-developers app
There are known bugs in the cm10 kernel that cause random reboots. I have fixed some already and I will continue to fix them.

I will be submitting my changes to cm soon. Until then, developers can use my fixes. My source is listed in my rom post.
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Sorry for that. I have notified the admin to change your title.

The Developer Committee[/QUOTE]
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Default Battery use based on this morning

Here's what I saw from the ROM after using it this morning:

- one "System UI" FC, nothing major
- sleeps well from clean boot, but once engaging into activities the phone awakes pretty frequently
- battery drain is somewhat heavier than CM10 compared to nighties I tried a couple months ago, stock ICS (20f) is still much better

I'm trying to load some tweaks into it to see if battery drain can be reduced.
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Lg p930 rom

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