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[ROM] [4.4.4][13th Sep 2014] CM-REMIX [ver_3.0.4 Stable]

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Default [ROM] [4.4.4][13th Sep 2014] CM-REMIX [ver_3.0.4 Stable]

This ROM is a remix of the best options coming from famous team and developer: AOKP BEANSTALK CrDroid ChameOS CM MOKEE OMNI PA SLIM VANIR etc. with custom build kernel based on Slim Stock Version (Linux 3.80)

Current Status :


Custom build 3.0.80 (Base on Slim version)
Clock: 200mhz-1600mhz, undervolted already.
govenors:lulzactiveq, ondemand, interacive,userspace,pegasusq (default), performance, powersace
io sched: deadline, noop, cfq(default), row, sop
features: boeffla sound engine v1.65, notification led control, fix muted headset mic after button press

bundle with Viper4Android FX, XHifi and Xposed Framwork and Per App Settings

ROM( ver 2.8.1) :

Options and Credit Author: (as much as I could remember ... )

In general this is based on CM's framework. For details, please check with changelog.

SLIM : Battery and Date options, Quiethours, Keyboard and IME, Lockscreen and Notification Shortcut, Navigation, Powermenu, Quicksettings, DPI Density Changer, TRDS
BeanStalk: Quicksettings, Toggles option, Profile Support , PowerMenu rework
ChameOS: ActiveDisplay, AppSidebar, Gesture unlock, Gesture Anywhere, Netstats, ScreenRecorder
Mokee : PhoneLocation and LunarCalendar Support (only available with Chinese Languages), Speed Dial, IP Call
PA & Carbon : HALO, PA PIE (custom modified, more buttons )
Maxwen: Suspend Actions, Wakelock Blocker, CPU overlays
OMNI: DSPManager Modification, Intrusive Incall options, end call sound
Vanir : Tweaks and debug options, Halo and notification boost


1. Don't dirty flash over if you update from other genius works. Make a full wipe before you flash.
if you are updating from an old version of this rom, dirty flash should be fine.

2. Flashing kernels : Only support anykernel format (no ramdisk).

3. On restoring App with Titanium Backup: for those who switching roms all the time, it is recommend to wipe dalvik cache again with recovery.
dalvik cache generated by different rom build from different toolchains may not be compatible. You better do it prior to ART conversion.

4. If you flash SuperSu over this rom, pls checked "Enable su during boot" option in menu, otherwise, root privileges won't work

5. For dev reason I have switch on adb logging in developer options by default. Turn it off if you don't need it and somehow it save battery and get better performance.

6. MultiWindow is not capable with HALO existence, When Halo is enabled. ,multiWindow option won't pop up.


3rd Sep 2014 (ver 3.0.4 STABLE)
Fix notification keep showing up in several case
Fix Volume Panel overlay time not sticking.
- add torch, omniswitch, gesture panel button
- not showing search button by default, and option not lights out if google search is not install.

1st Sep 2014 (ver 3.0.4)

Thanks to the active repsonse from chinese forum user
I believe until I get a phone, this is another stable build to use.

1. Fix UI restart issue of pulling down notification by reverting the contextual statusbar header.
2. HeadsUp notification (blacklist mode, yet DND mode still not working)
3. Mms - slideshow attach npe
4. Add wifi toggle to powermenu
5. Add gesture panel action to slimaction system (port forward from Vanir Rom)
- rework and share the gesture with Gesture Anywhere
6. Fix Active Notification options not sticking.
7. Fix possible SystemUI FC (Omni)

29th August 2014 (ver 3.0.3bld2 fixed)
1. fix Headsup mode not applying with Dialer

29th August 2014 (ver 3.0.3bld2)
1. Revert seperate settings button in notification panel, it mess up the notification header with dpi changes.
assign the settings shortcut to long click action of notification button (we have quick settings edit button )

2. rework headsup incallui funcition in dialer
use listpreference to choss between hover, headsup and headsup with expanded always

27th August 2014 (ver 3.0.3bld1)
1. Fix Density changer derp (white line under action bar)
2. PA Pie cleanup and fixes :
- borrow some code from DU and AICP which fix PIE Stick
- fix swipe action target and notification layout.
3. rearrage notification button order, move clear button to the right side.

25th August 2014 (ver 3.0.3)

This project will be postponed after this build.
I have been working hard and concentrated on polishing some details and bring
in some theming component as an alternative choice for a rom with no new theme engine.
Thx to the beta tester from Chinese forum to help me out with this (final) release.

Add Custom Color support (credits darkKat)
- Slim Recents headers
- Navbar and statusbar background
- Statusbar: system and notification icon
- Notification panel : wifi and carrier label
- Settings menu (root list) : icon and titles

Custom Boot Animation (AOKP and darkKat)

- Taffic Meter style revamps (Omni)
- notfication counts on statusbar

Notification :
- Settings buttons (configurable)
- Tiles edit buttons (shown by default with quicksettings panel)
- consistent animation effect when swiping.

Quicksettings :
- enable equalizer for wifi display

Active Notification :
- fix quiet hours logic (Vanir)
- rework settings menu : Corresponding settings option display according to notification service selected.
Battery :
- Circle Battery : add Dot length, offset and interval settings (darkKat)

Dialer :
- add popup menu with enabler option when selecting headsup notification.

- Increase Cpu Boost time to Scrolling
- Catch possible FC with statusbar recreation
- Soft Reboot mode (CM)

11th August 2014 (ver 3.0.2 bl3)
fix webview issue

10th August 2014 (ver 3.0.2 bl2)

- fix compatibility issue with Google Camera.
Previously I am using the Linaro toolchain optimize jpeg library which breaks google camera.
- add back change wallpaper permission with systemui to fix blackscreen issue with google home launcher installed.
- Remove Touch Slop in Scrolling settings which cause hampering

8th August 2014 (ver 3.0.2)

- fix call delay and fc with sound settings

1. UI rework and organisations
- use actionbar switch for customization options in 2th level.
- move BatterySaver, Quiethours option to first class and add a easy enable switch
- reorganizing menus:
move pie options to navigation, create new divider of notification service.
2. fixes:
- Weather Panel view creation not stick with on/off action
- PA Pie attach code fix, no longer need a systemUI restart to apply changes, and fix possible npe with startup
- Statusbar Carrier Label : make sure settings stick with boots
- Fix SlimPie recent panel bug (CRdroid)
- remove proximity wake option for device not support
- set call in background option to false.
3. Hover
- add touch to hide settings (CRdroid)
4. Recents Panel
- Custom Color background for AOSP stock view
5. SystemUI: Replace CompassTile RotateAnimation with tweening (CM)
6. SystemUI: 4G/LTE icon toggle (base on aokp)
- only show with device support
7. Add information on how to reset swpe to notification (PA)
8. Profile : don't change media volume when music is active (CM)

31st July 2014 (ver 3.0.1 bld1)
fix ListViewAnimation

31st July 2014 (ver 3.0.1)

1. art/libcore/dalvik
- A char array copy optimization

2. bionic
- update memmove for 32bits atomic

3. Filter Spam notifications (CM - privacy settings)
note : CM's implementation will override all notifications option (Halo, HeadsUp and Hover)
even you have remove assignment in settings table ,
it still block the notifications unless you turn off & on the notifications option again.

4. Fix MultiWindow conflicts after floating windows backpress fix.

5. Profiles
- add 4g as connection options for profiles (cm)
- Add Bluetooth A2DP profile trigger

6. Headsup Notification:
Show headsup at the bottom of the screen (slim)
add Slimactions (slim)

7. SlimRecents:
Custom Color Background

8. Settings:
Fix search highlight

9. InCallUI & Dialer:
More locale support to T9 search
Show extra contact details (aokp)
make imcoming call screen style configurable(cm)
make navbar translucent (cm)
avoid layout change on disconnection (cm)

10. Mms:
auto enable data (cm)
mms : mark as unread fix (cm)
storage full npe fix (cm)

17th July 2014 (ver 3.0.0 bld1)
- attemp to fix wake from screen off issue
- handle systemFC message properly with lockscreen state
- merge AOSP 4.4.4_r2 source
- fix duplicate statubar brightness control
- fix aicp weather view layout (empty space) on start up

Previous Change log
ver 1.9 - 3.0.0 : https://www.sendspace.com/file/laakcd

DOWNLOAD (Flash order : ROM > GAPPS > Sensor Fix) :

Camera Fix from RohanAJoshi : HERE

sensor fix from OMNI : HERE
md5: a498e3155019b94fbad6019802c04359

DOWNLOAD : (Note : sometimes you are required to clear Settings.apk data when you encounter FC.)

Clean Install is a MUST for any update from build 3.0.0

ROM (build date: 13th Sep 2014 3.0.4 Stable) :

Download 1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cd...EASE_3.0.4.zip

Download 2: https://www.sendspace.com/file/r9i4ch

md5: 1a9d6de447e00148147b443c72d999c1

NOTE 1: To get Root working normally, Please uncheck "Respect CM root settings" in SuperSU.



Get Latest Xposed Frameworks Update from : HERE

GAPPS : Recommeded to use BANKS

Get Latest SUPERSU from : HERE


Keyboard in Full Language and Dictionary(Dark theme and swipe supported) : Download Link1, Download Link2

apktool 1.5.3 for TRDS 3.0 (windows version): HERE

Github: LINK

Support my work by hitting thanks or make a donation with paypal with this Email address

XDA:DevDB Information
CM-REMIX, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: CyanogenMod, AOKP, Slim, Vanir, Omni, PA, BeanStalk

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2014-02-23
Last Updated 2014-09-13
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Thank you for a new rom. Downloading now, will report back soon.
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Just flashed. Very smooth and feature rich. Runs very nicely with agni kernel. Thanks for the hard work. Awesome work.

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Great, absolutely impressed, features features features!

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Please keep it up, really the best feature combi for me until now! Thx

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Agreed. Running on f2fs filesystem, agni kernel and art. Extremely snappy with all the best features of the best ROMs. Great job!

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Model : Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE (International) - GT-N7105
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Baseband : N7105XXUFND3
Kernel : Agni 2.7.7
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Definitly, this ROM and AGNI on f2fs, goal

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Have run this over night, and thus far have not had any issues. Very battery friendly, with some nice "hidden" features like suspend actions, wakelock blocker and system app removal tucked away in the Performance tab. Features wise, all the ones I use on a daily basis, like Halo, Pie, ect, work as they should. All the apps, I normally use, work great too. Themes work. Have only had one FC with hangouts pinned to Halo, but that always happens no matter what Rom I run. So far, I am very much liking this Rom. Cheers for the work bro!
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Nice work. Smooth and one of the best featured roms out there.

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Just shows how subjective benchmarks can be. Did an Antutu benchmark and scored a mediocre 21000 something. But, this ROM is absolutely flying in normal usage and games; runs much smoother and responsive than when I scored 24000+.

I have not been as excited about an AOSP / CM based ROM before; amazing job.

Model : Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE (International) - GT-N7105
Build : Either CM11, AICP, AOSB or Omni Nightlies
Baseband : N7105XXUFND3
Kernel : Agni 2.7.7
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Tons of neat features. I can't seem to find mokee features, the lunar calender? Able to run art in this build too. I'm getting Dsp manager fc when I run Viper. Otherwise it's a sweet rom.

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