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MyGica ATV1200, Dual Core Android TV Box - how to?

7th March 2013, 01:15 PM   |  #1  
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Just got one to play with. and so far feeling ok with it..
Why would you go and make the "Back, Home, Resent apps" buttons that are core to Android not be there?

Anyway, I got a feeling its only going to be an edit of a system file and we should be able to get them back working..
Its running JB 4.1.2

Anyone got any idea's how I can go about doing this?

As I am using team EOS 4 on the TF101, with thier nice way of having seperate EOS ability to edit the size, postion of these buttons in question..
Is is fesiable for me to grab the EOS apk and move it into this Rom an see if it works?
I am also thinking that something like LMK might be able to work too, but would have to be worked via mouse inputs not touch..

Any pointers in the right direction would be great thanks..
Also, I will use this thread ed as a bit of a collection of handy hints for these box's as I am sure they are going to up there in the development circle once they become a bit more available to the masses..

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Re: MyGica ATV1200, Dual Core Android TV Box - how to?
I need to find the time to do this I would say..

Originally Posted by jastonas

I know there are many posts about this but it took me a while to understand how it works and there is no single thread which has the information gathered in the first post, so I decided to make this. Sorry if it uneeded.

Anyone who want's to use on screen NavBar buttons, he's lucky! (at least compared to ICS).

Now, by adding in
the line
you get the navigation bar (after reboot) and at the same time Android system recognizes this and adds the three dot menu icon whenever needed*!

If you want to disable the hardware keys, edit the file

These are the three hardware buttons

Add a # before any you don't wan't to use any more. I did for 158 and 139 and left my Home button working.

There is a mod** (flash it in recovery) which makes the bar almost half the size. It's better looking and less space is wasted but it does get some time to get used to it and you might need a couple of tries sometimes when trying to hit those buttons.

*This wasn't the case for ICS.

**mod by houssam10001

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Re: MyGica ATV1200, Dual Core Android TV Box - how to?
I am actually looking for a CWM package to use but as there are some talented developers already working on these box's I have a feeling it won't be long and we can do as we please with them.. Here is the M3 CWM working..


VPN's work arounds


Bit of feed back for you on Openvpn for Android by Arne Schwabe
I am using TCP port 443.. Working fine.. streaming youtube now from behind GCFW.
Also by using DroidVpn or OpenVpn for Android, or Via a VPN'ed connection on a laptop/USB-doggle from a desktop via "Connectfiy" your users can be using the Xios ICS with VPN's as is..

System enharncements:

I am using a few programs to make this build run sweet.. the following are the programs I using and its up to yourself to do some reading and work out which things to tweak.. but mines running as sweat as it ever has.. NO LAG or RE-DRAWS.... and Google Play store is not sticky anymore.. Mind you it shouldn't be on a dual core device.

Also as a note I am running Livewall papers in the background "Ocean HD" so this is taking up 15mb of Ram..

Rescan Media ROOT
Disable and Kill the media scanner at boot.

System Tuner:

Pimp My Rom -
Take your time with this one and work out what settings work for you..
I suggest you go in and use the Tools>Universal Init.d Support -- to Check that it is setup for you..
if it say negitive just hit the Activate button then test.. works for me.. ch_result

Also, there is a Entropy Generator no 5.. you want to have this set so it is showing "4096 bits"
you can also use this program to check it it working..
Check Random Entropy ail&feature=search_result

If you want to know more head to this post on XDA:
[MOD] CrossBreeder - Sharp reductions in Android GUI lag - Frandom support

Also on this, at the moment I am using the seeder.apk as not had time to set CrossBreeder up.. But Do notice an improvement by having Entropy @ 4096.

So really now with the XAF Custom build of XBMC and this setup I am good to go..

Nice to have upgraded to Dual-core..

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19th March 2013, 09:07 AM   |  #4  
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Re: MyGica ATV1200, Dual Core Android TV Box - how to?
Looks like another update out..
Dated 14.3

Will see if the box wants to auto update once I am home as out on the road..
But should be able to report back tomorrow

Also I have some details on mkv play back from industry.. Will post when I can get all the data together..

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23rd March 2013, 02:12 PM   |  #5  
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Haven't had much time to put it through its paces as been travelling for work.
But here are some thoughts on it so far..

I have just upgraded to "update_Mygica_20130314.img"

Like the new bigger pointer for the mouse, also it seems to have brought back the remote controls as I had lost those but I still have to manually turn it off.
I swap out the Chinese launcher with Apex launcher - Apex runs nicely and can back up all the settings and screens so are happy with this.

Speeds and Kernel controls :

As pretty much the same as the M1-M3 box's - until we have developers that are hacking these to suit our needs we are locked in the the Geniatech/MyGicia/Privos setting's - Which I hope in the not to distant future we get some of the phone/Tablet kernel guru's turning up and opening these kernels up for us to adjust the speeds in which these can run.
Using CPU Master I am able to get it to run @ 1540 after boot but the settings don't stick and from the readings I have done this is in the way they have setup the Init.d..

What is Init.d?

Quote: Taken from Ryuinferno's thread
[MOD][APK+SCRIPT+ZIP] Enable Init.d for Any Phones w/o Need of Custom Kernels!!! - xda-developers


Originally Posted by the_scotsman (Moderator Liaison Admin / Moderator Committee / XDA News Writer)
Init.d plays an important role in the world of Android development and customization It allows users to install scripts and mods to be run at boot—everything from battery tweaks to performance tweaks. It essentially opens the door to a world of mods only possible through the Init.d process, which in turn is usually only available on custom kernels.

CMW type recovery:
Been said before-hoping in the not too distant future we get a CMW or TWRP going as this will give us more options to keep the box clean and load in customs roms.

How I do it -XBMC-addons

As I seem to be installing multi-able versions of XMBC and or firmware upgrades, I have now got a set pattern in which I can reset most of my fav addons back up.. it maybe a little long winded for some but works for me as I find that I lose addons if I don't keep track of them thus I have them saved to a NAS drive. I access them via this method to re-setup.

1: Load the NAS directory up using CIF manager.
2: In XBMC -Go in to "System-Addons-install from zip
3: Go in to "Root file system" then "mnt" then 'cifs' then a 'XBMC' directory where I keep a backup of all my depositories that I use. ( over the last 12 months I have collected a nice bunch of them from around the traps)


Droidmote : I had it going the first time I set the box up in a hotel room using my Asus portable wifi router and had the accelerometer working nicely on a few games. but since I have been back to my home network I have not been able to get it to work - just tested it with that modem again and its not working, so i would say the uniput needs to be loaded up via a script again. Will play with it when get time.

RemoteIME / Android Smart TV remote app
RemoteIME - §Q¥ÎAndroid¤â¾÷©Î¥*ªO¹q¸£³£¥i¥H¾Þ±±MyGica Enjoy TV Box

Not a lot of info on this one but it works nicely with my tf101 and this box.. what I like about it.. just works..
Finds the box and away we go.. wish Droidmote was that easy.

Got a thread on XDA on it.. so hopefully it gets picked up a bit more and some more work done it on..

Also been playing with this one.. but cant seem to get it to work.. got the server side apk but as yet, I am not sure if it will only go with the A8 but I have read somewhere that others have had it going but not sure on what hardware.
I got a feeling that you have to have the bubblepnp going then this may work in with this server and remote.
just haven't had enough time to play.

RKRemoteControl - Remote control app for RK3066 A8

Here is the rockchip.mediacenter app which goes on to the box. Plus in this zip is the other apk's you need.
If someone gets it going post back and let us how..
Import the TB backup file via TB backup.. either via the TB program or "open as" if you are running TB it should give you this option.. as thats how I got it to import in to mine..

Chinese TV apks

As I am here in the middle kingdom- I have to have things to entertain the guests so found this bundle - I am not sure how many will work outside of China but some are actually pretty good once you get the hang of how to use them. (no my Chinese is not that great).. a lot will update so this is normal.. just work out which is "yes" and which is "no"

(Will post the link once its loaded to Dropbox)

here's a link to addons for chinese tv within XBMC

ok.. a few problems of it locking up.
Cant pin it down to anyone one thing as yet..
Doesn't seem to get hot so thats not it as I have a USB laptop fan under it, seems to be when I change out to another input on the TV and or I leave it idle for some time, kinda goes in to sleep and not come out it.. got to reboot.

Another thing on the lastest MyGica roms is the lack of Home' 'Back' 'Search' 'Back' 'Recent Task' 'Menu' buttons.
so at the moment I am using this and it does the trick.
Button Savior (Root)

also an old few fav are..

Reboot Recovery

Turn Off The Screen

K.. know its a bit of a long post, but been meaning to get it done over the last few weeks..
Other link of interest are same box different vendor's but pays to keep an eye on what's popping up around the traps.

And the thread over at

Just know people are going to be looking for info on this soon enough..
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26th March 2013, 04:26 AM   |  #6  
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if nikingstore ever sends me mine, i'll be reading and contributing to this forum. hope it livens up.
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4th April 2013, 06:31 AM   |  #7  
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Re: MyGica ATV1200, Dual Core Android TV Box - how to?
New firmware..


Downlload and don't unzip, copy to SD card or USB disk, connect to the box and run upgrade->local update, select the SPI file to update first, after finished, it will restart the box, then, do the same steps to update the firmware, and XBMC is still xbmcapp-armeabi-v7a-debug-20130223.apk.

Above is a new firmware for Geniatech's dual core box, it fixed 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio and android bar problems of XBMC.

Upgraded to this one today.. Working smoothly.
Haven't had time to play with XBMC builds on it but was streaming off PPTV most of the day..
Not sure if it was the box or the network.. Seemed to encounter the ethernet problem after about 2 hours where the stream was caught up.
Switched out to wifi and ran the same stream for a while.. Then switched back to ethernet and no problems.. Maybe a net problem and or that old bug is still hanging round..
Overall zippy as hell but I am also running the Seeder app to keep the Random Entropy up to 4096.
We can clock up to 1512mhz and change out to performance governor but min seems to be locked in at 48mhz which seems a bit low.
But with that being said.. It shows that it actually sits down between 72mhz & 336mhz on low loads.

Navigation buttons are back plus a new screen shot one..
I also noticed in settings there is a new EASYLINK option.. Maybe some like a new remote control app or airplay?
Anyone got info on it?

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11th April 2013, 04:41 AM   |  #8  
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has anybody used the component out on a mygica atv1200? i swear the blue and green are reversed. i've tried 2 sets of cables. i hooked from mygica to computer and tv. both will not display until i put blue cable in green and green in blue on the mygica box.. and obviously when i do this it messes up the colors. has anyone else noticed this? i tried taking out the hdmi as well and got the same results. i'd love it if someone could confirm i'm either right, or i simply have a bad box. thanks. i've also tried with different firmwares. including the 3/26. i'm now on 1/15.
23rd April 2013, 09:56 AM   |  #9  
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Did anybody try that DroidMote server. I think I have problem with that uinput. I've downloaded it and made som changes with terminal emulator following instructions, still no moves... Please advice...
23rd April 2013, 01:54 PM   |  #10  
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make sure it is rooted and goto the system folder and edit build.prop and add a line of code on a new line at the bottom:


and reboot the device to get those buttons.

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