Unhappy [Q] SGH-I747M won't reboot after Cyanogen update

Hi guys, my phone is right borked and I hope someone can help me out. I've been searching forums all day and I find bits and pieces of advice that apply to parts of my situation, but haven’t found a fix yet.

I installed CyanogenMod on my Rogers Samsung G3 a couple months back. Everything has been going smoothly until last night when I installed an update.
The phone rebooted and got stuck on the Samsung splash screen with the blue cyanogen dude. I left it for 30 min and when I got back, it was still the same.
I took the battery out, turned it back on and ended up in the same spot. I took the battery out again, turned it on and left it over night. Same thing this morning.

On advice from this forum I put the phone in recovery mode. I thought I had TWRP, but Clockwork Recovery comes up.
I did a factory reset, and cleared the cache. Rebooted and still the same thing.
I tried to flash the ROM, but it doesn't work. The android dude just lies there, dead. Poor guy.

I plugged it into my computer but even though the computer makes the connection ‘cah-ching’ its not recognized. Through the recovery screen I tried unmounting and mounting everything, and mounting as usb and the computer still won’t pick it up. I uninstalled Kies, and the drivers for the phone and re installed everything. The driver pop up says MTP has failed.

Any suggestions?