Default Straight Talk And Sprint Cluster F HTc One $ S3

So i wanted to do the BYOP with straight talk.. Went to the store got a BYOP Kit $59 and another 1 month $45 Card. Then (after checkin straight talk's MEID check on there site) Checked the MEID of the Samsung S3.. Went thru the activation process and it went thru fine.. Phone Didnt work. It was stock no root ect. Well... I suspected maybe there was a lost/stolen or past due so i called sprint and after 4 attempts and some social engineering that SWIM is not and is proud of was able to determine there is 249 balance and they wont release the phone .. The guy lied to me and said it was deavticated and free and clear. Great.

So yesterday I find a HTC one with a cracked screen but still works.. Great. I run the MEID thru straight talk and Sprint and its good and clear.. Awesome no past due's everything is ok.
Get home tried using the Tmobile Micro Sim and completed the activation process and it goes thru ok! (Dont you love how they make ya feel warm n fuzzy..) I go into the setting on the HTC one and change the mobile data between 4g lte Cdma to gsm and then do the root and sim unlock running viper and get the hidden menu and via *#*#4636#*#* and change the settings to WCDMA GSM ONLY Gsm Auto Prl.. And nothing..

Then spent 2 hours on the phone with Straight talk, got them to cancle out the Tmobile sim and Activated a Att Mirco Sim (They Said it would be better coverage ect) And still Notta.. I got a Htc One 32gb Boot Loader Unlocked (Presumably SIM Unlock) and Rooted and Would really like to get it working on Straigh talk.. I have seen a couple of people on here that have accomplised this But cant get a response from them how they did it.

I really need a working phone cause of the kids, ect. Does anyone have any ideas?
I also have seen how some of these knock off MVNO's say that a past due bal isnt a issue and they can flash a Sprint phone No Issue.. But seems like the S3 wont work unless someone knows of a sure fire place that can do it.

Or getting my HTC ONE to work on a Sprint MVNO but im assuming they will want a UICC# or Sprint 4g Mico Sim card number. And I dont know how to get one of those or who might have them.

Any one have any solutions how i can accomplish getting a working Phone preferably with 4g.. Id even trade these damn things out at this point. I would most likely like to get that HTC One on Sprint thats been unlocked to work with straight talk using its International Capabilities and the ATT Micro Sim that is now active and registered because i have 3 months paid thru them.. Any ideas?