Default [Q] Mounting shares and OTG + charging

Posting here so as not to clutter up the dev. threads.

I need some suggestions/help.

I've got an N& (grouper), running kitkat 4.4.2 and the Faux123 kernel. Trying to mount a network share I get empty directories (like everyone else, it seems). I've found a few solutions that work, but none of the fixes address my needs completely. Obviously, I want the network shares usable by my apps. The other thing I want is OTG + charging.

One (partial) solution would be Vorcer's kernel. It has Mkasick's fix built-in. It doesn't, however, do OTG + charging. Faux123's kernel has OTG + charging, but not Mkasick's fix. A plus on the Faux123 option is that his kernel supports CIFS and NFS (which I still need to implement on the server to take advantage of). As far as i know, Vorcer's kernel does not support NSF.

Mkasick has posted his fixes (as diff's). The problem with that is (AFAIK) it has to be compiled into a kernel. That's way above my pay grade at the moment.

The Franco kernel with a patch (by Ziddy) can do OTG + charging. It doesn't do CIFS, but it does do NFS (which is probably better). With the Franco option I'd still have to compile Mkasick's diff's.

Have I missed any options? Hopefully I don't have to go with the compiling route. My 'puter may not even be able to do it. If I have to do the compiling I'll definitely need someone to hold my hand.

A twit at wits end,