Camera [Q] Shuttersound differences between CSC firmware releases (i9505)

For some weeks I'm going "crazy" over the inability to turn off the shuttersound on my Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 (this was possible with an earlier release of Android).

I would like to know what the possible differences between firmware releases for the Galaxy S4 are (in my case the i9505), with a focus on the shuttersound. I would like to find out which releases still allow the shuttersound to be muted (and hopefully to find out why we can't turn it off).

For example, my phone has CSC code I9505PHNEMK5 (so it's from the Netherlands) and it is unable to turn off the shuttersound (and focussound) without rooting the phone. Changing the sound profile to silent or vibrate doesn't mute the sound.

The weird thing is, for example the Galaxy S3 with the latest 4.3 firmware and the dutch PHN CSC has the option to disable the sound (so why doesn't the Galaxy S4 has this option).