Default [Q] App for mobile network settings switching

I have quite a specific problem:

I live near the national border and my mobile network selection has to be set to manual, because otherwise it would randomly switch to roaming on a network from the other country, even though my home network coverage is practically 100%.

But quite often I do cross the border to area out of reach from my home mobile network and then I have to set it to automatic or manually select foreign network.

Now, the problem is when I get back home, i have to switch again. This switching is often and annoying. And forgetting to switch can also be expensive.

So I'm searching for an app that would allow me to toggle a switch (widget preferably) that would change network selection setting to automatic when i intent to leave my country and switch again to set it to manually connect to my home network when i come back.

Does any body know about an app that would allow me to do that or does anyone have a similar problem?
I'm thinking about creating an app like this though.