Question [Q] HELP! Need 4.4 copy of system/customize/ACC/default.xml

Need some help please!

I successfully updated my AT&T HTC One to 4.4. Trying to get wireless tether patched, I flashed the "system/customize/ACC/default.xml" from android 4.3. Now the phone has constant errors after booting (dialer stopped working).

I have tried to flash back with RRU to 4.3 but keep getting error 155. Trying to re-install the 4.4 OTA package fails validation and quits. I have tried both options with bootloader locked, unlocked, re-locked, etc. with no success.

The file in the OTA package seems to be compressed (?) since it is binary (actual file name is "default.xml.p"). Does anyone know how to extract it from the OTA package?

Can someone please attach a copy of the original "default.xml" after upgrading to 4.4?

Thank you