Default [Q] Snapchat video recording time not working properply

After searching for a while it seems few people have shared my problem but none really found a solution.
I'm on a Galaxy S3 i9300 running the latest stable build of SlimKat (which is AOSP based) and it appears snapchat videos only record for a second or so before stopping. According to what I read i recognized the problem as a memory problem, snapchat has a maximum memory capacity for video and for some reason on AOSP based ROMs it reaches that maximum too early. I confirmed this because I saw that when Video Quality is set on "Low" it does record the full 10 seconds (although in messed up proportions which is why I don't want to use it) and if I put the Video Mode on regular and put my thumb on the camera it records 10 seconds of black, and if I suddenly remove the finger it ends because of the memory maximum.
How can I fix this problem? I really like vanilla android and I don't want to move to Samsung based ROMs for something like this. Please help
People that I found on the internet with my problem: (not quite but similliar)