Exclamation Blacklist / Exchange Services not working


  • there is one bug in CM 10.2 and also CM 11:
    Since this thread was moved by the admin (sorry for my wrong posting again):
    This is about the Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 , P1000 , P1 .
    On my other phone the blacklist ist working and not causing an issue.

    When I click the "Blacklist" (under the call settings) it shows "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.".

    As said: this error applies on several CM ROMs, from CM 10.2 until the latest CM 11 from March 3, 2014 (Nightly Builds).

    This happened again even after a factory reset (wipe).

    Can please anybody have a look at it?
  • And: there is a problem with the Exchange Services ("Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.")
    in CM 11 but I know this is a KitKat problem and so I just uninstalled the Exchange Services since I do not need them...
My apologize if posted in the wrong forum, I am a happy CM user for a year now and did not ask questions since most of them were answered in a post already (admin fixed it already).
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