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Hello XDA guys and gals

I found a way to be immortal in candy crush on android.

Why is this needed? Well,if your facebook friends won't help you by sending lifes,and you just have to play,well,this is a thread for you. It's really simple

So your timer for a next life is ticking,so what do you do:
1. Go to Settings>time and date>change date to the next day (for instance 03.06 to 03.07) and go to the game.
At this point you will have 5 lifes to spend.
When you lose all your 5 lives,return your real date.

But when you spend them,the timer won't count down 10 minutes anymore,but 1000 minutes.

Dont freak out,just go to settings>apps>Candy Crush and wipe app cache and app data. Then go to the app and sign in to your facebook again,and voila,you have 5 lifes again and the counter is normal and you can do the whole procedure all over again.

I apologize if something like this is already written anywhere on this forum.

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