Default How to disable music lockscreen?

Is there any way to disable the KitKat music lockscreen feature? I would prefer to see my default lockscreen widget (DashClock) and not the music control upon waking up my device. With the music lockscreen, it overrides the default order and shows up first upon device wake.

The reason for asking is because I'm mounting the Nexus 7 in the car. With the DashNotifier extension, DashClock can automatically turn on the screen and display new notifications as they come in. However, if I'm running Spotify (or other music apps), the music lockscreen controls would be shown first instead, requiring me to swipe once before displaying DashClock. This defeats the purpose of automating the entire process for hands-free notifications. So is there any way to disable the music lockscreen or make DashClock show as default regardless of music playback?