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Thumbs up [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybean ROM'S Installation without problems.

15th February 2013, 03:57 PM |#1  
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This guide, has been made for the people that has problem's with the signal, battery and other problem's installing jellybean at Latinamerica.

Most common problem: no signal at all, battery life...



Q. Why i do not have signal at jellybean, pacman, miuiv4, paranoid...
A. i think the problem is the imei, that is lost, when you flash the new versions

Q. Why the imei is lost in jellybean, but not with Ginger or ICS.
A. i don't know but this sould help you with the problem

To fix the problem, you just have to follow this few steps to make it work

Files needed:
1. STOCK ROM, it can be Froyo, Gingerbread, or ICS, here is a rom you can use (it will work) DJANGO ICS STOCK ROM
2. Hyperterminal Descargar
3. AIOTKV5 Descargar
4. We need a baseband Ir al post (TIP: at

Venezuela, Movistar, i used version V30B)

We need to know our original imei, it's placed at the box, or in the phone, under the battery.

Ok, let's begin!

Firs Step. (Installing the Stock ROM, if you already are on Stock, go to step 2.)
We have to flash a Stock rom, in order to view flash the baseband and connect to Hyperterminal.

Assuming you are on the oldbl, we copy the and our Stock ROM to SD ext, now we open the AIOTKV5 and press option 4, and follow the steps to flash the new unlocked bootloader and install a recovery.

Restart the phone and it will open the recovery, then flash the Stock ROM, in the aroma installer, install whatever you want, we just need the rom for flash a BB.

Step 2. Flashing BB

Now we have a Stock ROM, call *#06#and we will see our imei.

Open the AIOTKV5 and press option 7 and option B, follow the instructions to put your phone Download MODE

In the SmartFlash window we click on the ROM/Copy DLoption and, inCP bin we find the BB that we got from tonyp's thread we have to mark the checkbox ERASE CAL DATA. (BE SURE THE COM PORT HAS BEEN AUTOMATICALLY FILLED)

Now, we go to START, if an error show's at the end of the flash, just close that window, and click start again, do it until, it says disconnecting from phone, or something like that.

Now, we verify our actual imei *#06# and we will se that our imei has changed to something like this 38560000001 or some strange number, or no nomber.

Now call if youare on GB: 1809#*990# / if you are on ICS: 3845#*990#
It will show up a (Hidden Menu)
Click on port settings
Click on CP USB

Now we have to search the port, Equipo -> Administrar -> Port -> LG mobile USB serial Port (COM X) where the X is a number, (Remember that number)

Step 3. Installing the Hyperterminal

Intall it normally, like always.
Open the Hyperterminal, and click Cancel to any windows that shows (some windows requiere a confirmation to close a window)
Now in the main window (a white one), click anywhere, and click on "SPACEBAR KEY" and a new window will show up, to create a new connection, select there the port you just stored, (DO NOT SELECT THE LG..)
Click properties and select the right options like these:


1st checkbox: 115200
2nd checkbox: 8
3rd checkbox: Blank
4th checkbox: 1
5th checkbox: Blank

and press OK, and OK

If everything's fine, the main windows will show up a, Connected: 00:00:00, in the left bottom corner.

Now type "AT" without the quotes, and press enter,
You will see this.
GREAT Now it's easy!
type " at%imei " without the quotes.
You will se a number like this: 38560000001 or other number.

Now type " at%imei=YourIMEI " without quotes, where "YourImei" is your imei, you stored at the begining.
Ejemplo: " at%imei=30265978462 "

And you are done, call *#06# and you can se your imei.

Now you just have to flash your ROM, like CyanogenMOD 10.1, PAC-man, Paranoid, etc...

Please feel free to comment

Thanks to:
spyrosk For making this amazing tool, AIOTK.
tonyp For making the complete baseband guide.
carburano For making the DjangoManoucheX Stock ROM used here.
x_justin to make the english guide,
dcseek who brought us the solution.
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15th February 2013, 03:57 PM |#2  
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[GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.

Esta guia esta pensada para todos aquellos, que tienen problemas (como yo) al instalar cualquier version mas alla de Gingerbread.

Problema mas comun: Sin señal.



Q. Porque no tengo señal en ninguna version.
A. El problema es que tu IMEI desaparece al instalarlo, aunque la BB y el RIL esten bien

Q. Problemas que causa.
A. Obviamente no tienes señal de ningun tipo (exepto por el WIFI), la bateria se consume muy rapido, ya que envia paquetes sin respuesta, y sigue intentando para obtener GSM.

Arreglando el problema. Solo debes seguir unos pocos pasos y asi lograr que te funcione.

1. ROM STOCK, puede ser Froyo, GB, o ICS. Aqui dejo el link para DjangoManoucheX DJANGO ICS STOCK ROM
2. Hyperterminal Descargar
3. AIOTKV5 Descargar
4. Necesitaremos la Baseband que nos guste Ir al post (TIP: en Venezuela, Movistar, me funciona la version V30B)
5. Sabernos el IMEI de nuestro telefono, en el telefono debajo de la pila, o en la caja.

Ok, comenzamos

Paso 1. (Instalando la ROM de Stock, si ya estas alli salta este paso.)
Tenemos que instalar la version STOCK de la rom, en DjangoManoucheX posee AROMA INSTALLER asi que sera facil instlarlo,

Asumiendo que estas utilizando el viejo bootloader, Copiamos y nuestra rom DjangoManoucheX en nuestra SD externa, vamos al AIOTKV5 presionamos 4, y seguimos los pasos para montar nuestra particion con el nuevo bootloader liberado, e instalamos el recovery.

Reinicias normalmente, y entrara solo a Recovery, buscas e instalas normalmente, no importa que selecciones para instalar, solo queremos la rom para cambiar la BB.

Paso 2. Flasheando la BB

Ya que tenemos nuestra Rom de Stock, marcamos *#06# y veremos nuestra iMei cualquiera que sea el numero.
Abrimos el AIOTKV5 y presionamos la opcion 7 y seleccionamos la opcion B, y seguimos las instrucciones.

En la ventana de SmartFlash vamos a la opcion ROM/Copy DL y en CP bin buscamos la BB que descargamos. Seleccionamos la opcion ERASE CAL DATA. (Debes verificar que el campo PORT se rellene solo)

Y vamos a START, si aparece un error al final, solo cieralo, y dale START de nuevo, intenta hasta que diga, Desconectando.

Ahora, verificamos nuestra iMei marcando *#06# y veremos que nuestra iMei sera algo como esto 38560000001 o un numero extraño, o sin numero, da igual.

Ahora vamos a marcar, Si estas en GB: 1809#*990# / Si estas en ICS: 3845#*990#
Aparecera un Menu oculto (Hidden Menu)
Presionar en port settings
Presionar en CP USB

Ya que hicimos eso, verficamos en nuestra pc, Equipo -> Administrar ->Puertos -> LG mobile USB serial Port (COM X) donde la X es un numero cualquiera, (RECUERDA EL NUMERO)

Paso 3. Instalando el Hyperterminal.

Luego de que lo descarguemos, aparecera el Wizard Setup. instalas todo normalmente, y abres el programa.

Presiona en cancelar a todo lo que aparezca, en algunos tienes que aceptar, el cancelar la ventana.
Ahora que quedo la ventana completamente blanca, haz click en cualquier parte y presiona la tecla "Espacio/Barra espaciadora" y una nueva ventana aprecera, diciendo Nueva Conexión, ahora seleccionamos el puerto que ya habiamos recordado, (NO ELIJAS EL QUE DICE LG)
y vamos a propiedades, y colocamos todo asi:


Primer recuadro: 115200
Segundo recuadro: 8
Tercer recuadro: Vacio / o Blank
Cuarto recuadro: 1
Quinto recuadro: Vacio / o Blank

Ahora presiona Ok, y Ok.

Y si haz hecho todo correctamente la ventana dira en la parte inferior izquierda, Connected: 00:00:00

Ahora escribe "AT" sin comillas, y presiona enter
veras algo como esto.
Ahora escribimos " at%imei " sin comillas
veremos algo como esto: 38560000001 o un numero extraño.

Ahora escribimos esto " at%imei=TUIMEI " sin comillas, donde "TUIMEI" es obviamente tu numero de imei,
Ejemplo: " at%imei=30265978462 "

Y Listo! ya que hicimos todo, vamos de nuevo a nuestro movil, y marcamos *#06# y podremos ver nuestro imei.

Ahora simplemente, buscamos la ROM que nosotros querramos, como por ejemplo, CyanogenMOD 10.1, MIUIv4, o la que quieras
Y Puff el problema de la señal ya esta resuelto.

Thanks to:
spyrosk Por crear la maravillosa herramientar, AIOTK.
tonyp Por hacer la guia completa de las Baseband.
carburano Por hacer DjangoManoucheX Stock ROM que utilizamos.
x_justin Por hacer la guia en ingles.
dcseek Quien nos trajo la solucion.
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15th February 2013, 04:16 PM |#3  
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Re: [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.
Great friend......
But i could not understand anything.....would have been better if it was English first and the other language...
But will wait for the translation

Thanks mate

O2X with Magical ICS ROM and magnificent kernels from my buddies
2nd March 2013, 04:11 AM |#4  
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Re: [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.
Great help bro, still sounds complicated, a hug from Colombia and thanks

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2nd March 2013, 03:41 PM |#5  
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Re: [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.
Hermano, it's not difficult jus try and don't worry about bricking the phone because it's unbrickable. Cheers.

Enviado desde mi LG-P990 usando Tapatalk 2
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2nd March 2013, 04:47 PM |#6  
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Re: [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.
Thanks... I didn't know there was a problem updating to jellybean on a p990h

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3rd March 2013, 01:16 AM |#7  
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It was what was missing!
many latin american users don't used cm10/cm10.1 only for imei missing!!

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3rd March 2013, 06:33 AM |#8  
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Re: [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.
Te mereces muchos thanks, buen post, saludos desde argentina

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7th March 2013, 09:46 PM |#9  
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Re: [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.
For install paranoid Android, Must i follow the same procedure?

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9th March 2013, 04:35 AM |#10  
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Re: [GUIDE][p990H] Latinamerican Jellybeam Installation without problems.
Thank you! Good job..

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