Default PC cannot recognize my N7100

Hello, there is a problem with the recognition of my Note 2 by my PC. In fact, when I connect my Note 2 to my computer via a USB cable, on the right corner of the bottom of the screen, it says "Installing device driver software". At the same time, when I clicked on the message, it shows a window indicating the process (left: MTP USB Device, right: Installing driver software) but after a while, it says "left: MTP USB Device, right failed). In addition, in Devices and Printers of my computer, at the bottom of window, it shows my device and naming it "SAMSUNG_Android". However, when I open Windows Explorer, it shows nothing. I know this problem is common but I have no clue solving it. Thanks.

Note: I also notice a little yellow triangle on the bottom left corner of my computer "USER-PC" and when I clicked on it, in the Hardware tab, it shows that the usb device(vid_1f3a_pid_efe8) doesn't start (Code 10). I suspected that this might causes the problem. Thus, I watch a video on Youtube and they said that I simply need to uninstall the it. However, this doesn't solve the problem neither after a reboot. I also attempted to use Kies but it doesn't show my device neither (it hangs on Connecting...).