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Note : I am Sharing the work of forumber2.All the credits goes to him A little intoduction by him
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APK to Java Viewer

Hi all!

As you know, we can view and save java classes in classes.dex via some tools. And we have enough guides (like this; ) but it requires effort so, I made this small tool for lazy people

This script will show the java files in your apk/jar (framework). Instructions as below:
1. Download the zip in Attachments.
2. Extract anywhere on your PC.
3. Put your an apk or jar (framework) in "Input".
4. Execute "Run_me_first.bat"
5. Follow Instructions (in tool)

**JRE is required
**IMPORTANT: DO NOT leave spaces when you name your apk files, e.g. "123" is a no go, "" is the correct way


-After converting dex to jar, the script ends suddenly. Thats why you need execute View_Java.bat after finish Run_me_first.bat script
-jd-gui can't decompile all smali files.

Applications are used;
-JD-GUI 0.3.6

@Ryuinferno for his "Sign-em!" thread style
@lickarock for his guide and his screenshot
Downloads Here

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