Default [Q] Voice App Problems

Running I727, with CM 11-20140304, when I try to use voice dial, or google now, or any other app that needs to listen to my voice, they don't listen. I pull up the microphone, and half the time the microphone never activates, the other half, it activates and lights up, flashes or whatever it's supposed to do, but when I speak nothing happens. When I first reboot they will work within two minutes of the reboot, but after the two minutes or the first usage they no longer work. If it was just one app I would think it was the app, but I've got eight apps in all that use voice to one extent or another, and none of them work correctly. I have so many because some apps just include it, like play store search, keyboard, and such, then I installed google now, and dragon to see which one I like the best but neither of them work. I feel it's in CM, because so many apps have the same problem. any ideas what might be wrong?