Default [Q] [AOKP]screen not light up when incoming calls

Recently I made AOKP rom for mint running on my hayabusa(TX) by changing the kernel.Its really a great ROM,but I thought it had no obvious bug as FXP,CM11 and OMNI nightly.However when I receive calls,the screen doesnt light up,even if I press the power button,there is no incoming interface,only the phone rings(but after the incoming was hung up there is a notifycation)
Besides,after charging the phone whole night,I wake up to find only 75% power,and the phone gets very hot.
The FXP.CM and OMNI rom(for mint) can work on hayabusa,so I think there is solution to solve the bugs.I really apreciate if you can tell me how to do,such as replacing files with FXP rom's files