Question [Q] All 4.4.2 Roms Wifi Scanning Issue?

Hi all

I seem to have a wifi problem with all of the 4.4.2 roms i've tried - slimkat/cm11/carbon/PAC....

I'll connect to my home wifi - all fine. I'll then leave the house and go to work (where there is wifi) and it won't 'see' any of the new networks - it'll still show the wifi routers around my home!!! - and obviously can't connect to any of them...

The only solution is to reboot

Ill then head home after using wifi at work - and voila same issue - shows the work networks (instantly), not the home ones

Basically, it wont scan for new networks.

Is anyone else having this issue? Have searched and can't find anything similar...

Advice or a fix would be much appreciated