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★ ☆ [ROM][4.4.2][UNOFFICIAL] AOSB KK v1.3.2 | MULTI-WINDOW | ProBam | CodeX [03-14-14] ☆ ★

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Default ★ ☆ [ROM][4.4.2][UNOFFICIAL] AOSB KK v1.3.2 | MULTI-WINDOW | ProBam | CodeX [03-14-14] ☆ ★

AOSB KitKat 4.4.2


This is my Unofficial build of ProBAM for the Verizon HTC One.

I will do my best to keep it up to date with the official release, as time permits and if there is interest.


These images depict many of the features, but are somehwat outdated, including but not limited to the default wallpaper
I will be updating the thread images and screenshot tab in the thread's DevDB header as time permits.

Current screenshots:

The Team

codexc AOSB chief and original founder

Team Members

This ROM packs all the tweaks/features from the Guru ROMs into one. All-In-One !!!!


ProBAM Features -

The ProBAM KitKat update from Google contains a lot of other minor changes:

  • AOSB Exclusive Feature: Custom SmoothProgressBar
  • AOKP Navigation bar menu in settings for all devices now
  • AOKP Animation Control
  • ListView Animation
  • Keyboard Animation
  • Scrolling Animation
  • AOKP Custom Navigation Ring
  • AOKP Custom Navigation Bar
  • ChameleonOS Gesture Anywhere
  • ChameleonOS Screen Recording
  • ChameleonOS Screen Recorder: add ability to record audio from mic
  • TeloRadio (Connection Manager)
  • Omni Audio Themes Settings
  • OmniSwitch App
  • Omni allow disabling call end sound
  • Omni Audio : Stereo widening
  • Omni Audio : Center frequency for Bass Boost
  • AOSPAL LockScreen Notifications
  • AOSPAL Lockscreen Blur
  • Slim CRT animation: add scale down
  • Slim IME options
  • Slim DarkUI (system wide in black)
  • Add Music Tile
  • Flip to Mute/Reject Call
  • Advanced BatteryBar
  • Chainfire SU App
  • User selectable camera click sound (disable camera sound)
  • Quicktile row option:set 3,4,5 tiles per row
  • LTE toggle support and Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
  • Add Wifi name to notification drawer and option to enable/disable
  • Frameworks: notification drawer background
  • wide support for chinese language
  • wide support for dutch language
  • MediaScanner behavior on boot
  • HALO
  • HALO: make windows move able and scale able
  • Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode
  • Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
  • Advanced Battery Bar
  • FB sync abbility to connect facebook contacts into contacts app
  • App sidebar
  • IME switcher notification
  • Navigation bar with custom dimensions
  • Screen video recording
  • Configurable init.d
  • Build PropModder
  • Incoming calls dialog
  • RAM bar with custom colors
  • Builtin Xposed Framework
  • Xposed : Per-App Layout
  • Network usage stats
  • ChameleonOS Active display (s-view alternative)
  • AD: Display Time out
  • AD: Turn Off Display
  • AD: Threshold to proximity
  • AD: Sort notifications by newest to oldest
  • AD: HUGE Fixes
  • mms: iOS features
  • mms: Emoji and Smiley support
  • samsung kernel super charged
  • advanced low battery indicator options
  • Custom Carrier Label

CM Features -

CyanogenMod 11 “Android 4.4.2 base” The highest degree of stability and performance , battery life :

  • Virtual surround sound
  • App Privacy
  • Privacy Guard more informations
  • Change Device colors Like Dynamic , Standard , Cinama like Sammy rom
  • Vibration Customization
  • S Pen detecte/Pointer/Gesture
  • S-PEN Notfications
  • S-PEN QuickBar app
  • LED Colors , you can change led color while charging for example
  • LED Fading/Blinking
  • LED Disable
  • Privacy Guard
  • Hardware keys remapping
  • Lockscreen ring and notification shortcuts
  • Power widget
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Clock settings
  • Quiet Hours
  • Power Sounds
  • Profiles
  • Gesture Lockscreen

Google Features -

Below is a quick list of all the changes that Google has included in Android 4.4.x KitKat for all devices :

  • There are a lot of small bug-fixes and minor UI tweaks that should please Nexus users.
  • The Camera app has sped up considerably post the update.
  • There are some bug-fixes related to ART as well. This allows Whatsapp to work with the ART runtime.
  • The default email client not syncing with an exchange server bug has also been fixed.
  • Immersive mode breaking while adjusting the volume level bug has been fixed.
  • The new ‘Photos’ app is now the default Gallery app.
  • There is a slight improvement in benchmark performance .
  • The navigation bar is now transparent on the lock screen.
  • The Settings icon in Quick tiles has also been changed.


AOSB v1.3.2 03-14-14 m7vzw Unofficial


PA KitKat Gapps

Alternate Kernel Option
NuK3rn3l-KK-Aosp_v3 02-16-14
Has s2w, s2s, L2m, Dt2w, and more...

Old Versions:

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XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][4.4.2][UNOFFICIAL] AOSB KK v1.3.2 | MULTI-WINDOW | ProBam | CodeX, a ROM for the Verizon HTC One

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: 3.11.605.1
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 1.3.2
Beta Release Date: 2014-02-14

Created 2014-02-14
Last Updated 2014-03-13
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Default Changelog


AOSB KitKat v1.3.2

AOSB RecentApp : Add HTC Reflection Effect
Settings: Enable or disable Navring make it optional
Settings: Make SlimRecent optional
Settings: Show or hide Navrbar in lockscreen
Notification drawer: full swipe to switch detection
Disable Left NavBar for tablets
Breathing Missedcall
Breathing SMS
Breathing Voicemail
Battery saver mode: Revamp ! huge fixes
Dialer: Fix chinese force close
Base: Dynamic data usage
Merge all CM Multi SIM Support
wide changes to support MSIM
SystemUI: Fix big force close causing support MSIM
SystemUI: Fix displaying of user photo.
SystemUI: Only show H+ if config_hspa_data_distinguishable is set
SystemUI: Navigation bar Allow "right to left" gesture to launch search panel
Fix graphics corruption caused by HWUI caches
Fix for positioning of glyphs within a bitmap
Gallery: New Optimized DarkerUI
Settings: fix force close when receiver is not registered
Marquee text RTL improvements
Fix the screen-off animation ignoring value set in ro.sf.hwrotation
Frameworks: Slimrecents fixes
Telephony(MSIM): Add control flag for SIM app auto provisioning
Mms: Fix random bubble width bug
Mms: Add interface to support sending sms with origination port
Mms: Add configuration for sending and receiving Mms with data disabled
Statusbar(MSIM): Do not display data icon if data is not connected.
Fix for data and roaming icons
add new AOSB stats
Add Android Kernel Tweaker (Rom Performance)
revert wifi name from notification drawer
Telephony: fix reverese lookup gms logic detection

AOSB KitKat v1.3.0

Update to Android 4.4.2_r2 (KVT49L)
Multi-user support for phones and tablets
Sound: Volume panel timeout
Sound: Live Volume Steps
Sound: Add battery level around unlock ring
Sound: add support for translucent volume panel
RecentApp: force clear caches on longclick
RecentApp: Improve UI Rotation and animation
NavBar: Handle navbar heights correct on dpi changes
NavBar: Fix landscape mode on tablet flo/grouper
NavBar: add landscape height options for tablets
Update to SuperSU v1.93
Port: Omni New Battery Saver mode included what user do to saving the battery life
SystemUI: time-context headers to the notification header
time-context evening time
SystemUI: Fix Quick pull
SystemUI: Fix notification header disappearing on tablets
SystemUI: fix volume panel more button transparency
SystemUI: Make text color orange if BatteryMeter <15%
SystemUI: improve DessertCaseDream immersive mode exit
SystemUI: Fix Screenshot rotation
SystemUI: Fix led pulse for samsung devices
Fix Xposed Backup Folder Location on dirty flash
Expanded Desktop : Fix Left handed navbar during landscape mode
LS Notifications: enable pocket mode and show always if activated
Browser: Implement client-side incognito mode
Settings: Multi-user support toggle in settings -> security
Settings: ProgressBar Accelerate and Interpolator
Settings: ProgressBar enable MirrorMode and Reversed if activated
Settings: ProgressBar Add reset default option
Settings: Wakelock Blocker
Settings: add CPU info overlay
Settings: AOSB Full Simplified Chinese translations
Settings: Build.prop Mods: Do some prereq’s before showing options
Settings: Automatically switch mobile network into what user choice and also disable mobile data IF wifi connected to an AP
Settings: Automatically switch mobile network and disable mobile data IF battery low (battery level can configure)
Settings: Support For Both GSM and CDMA devices
Screen Recorder: check for supported video encoder resolutions.
Screen Recorder: Fix lag !
Add ContentLoadingProgressBar support from AOSP
Contacts: Add support for import contacts to local phone storage
QS: Fix up Wifi Display tile for screencasting and reenable it
Dialer: Fix back (clear) icon colors on dark UI
Sensor: Enable the motion accelerometer for screen orientation change
Settings: statusbar reflect am/pm and clock color
Base: large fixes Zygote descriptor leakage problem
Camera2: tweak volume key zoom and cleanup
Camera2: Fix Power Shutter Exception
Camera2: add option to prevend autofocus cancel if preview stopped
Camera2: actually fix ArrayAdapter on MoreSettingsPopup
Camera2: AOSB Updated Simplified Chinese translations
Mms: Fix timestamps layout_width
Mms: Shrink the minimum bubble size
Mms: Locate the timestamps outside of bubbles
Mms: Remove send message gravity for RtL
Mms: Allow text input field to expand up to 9 lines
Mms: Fix received thumbnail size
Mms: improved mms bubbles
TRDS: Dark Mms again
OmniSwitch: Update Chinese translations and other Languages by aosb team
InCallUI: add decline and answer incoming call action on notifications
PhoneWindowManager: add ability to use EdgeGestureService for system gestures.
Move lockscreen buttons options to one place
Move all battery saver options in one place
Add more new APNs
Offical support for d2lte unified device
Offical support for jflte unified device
Offical support for hlte unified device

AOSB KitKat v1.2.9

AOSB Recent App iPhoney UI
AOSB PowerSaverManager !
RecentApp: Pinned (lock) app in recent app list
Mutliwindow: Follow Recent UI Changes
NavBar: Dynamic navbar heights and width
NavBar: Left handed navbar during landscape mode
Settings: start the PowerSaver service if activated
Telephony: Open source google dialer and more
Status bar: clock and date customization (center clock, am/pm, clock color)
Dialer: lookup/nearby places, Google and OpenStreetMap
InCall: full screen photo
InCallUI: add decline and answer incoming call action on notifications
Telephony: Incoming Call in Background
DownloadProvider: remove launcher icon
DownloadProvider: Add transfer speeds in notification
Camera: Fix saturation, contrast, sharpness
Camera: Powerkey shutter
Camera: fix crash on screen off-on on preview screen
System Media: audio_route: fix crash with unsupported control types
Fix icons overflowing status bar view in center clock and date layout
SamsungServiceMode: add support for OEM API version 2
Update missing google UI changes for 4.4
MMS: Fix The slideshow can’t be shown in the message
MMS: Resize the image in background
LockBeforeUnlock the new way
Settings: Add an option to reset custom user preferences
Settings LightSettingsDialog: update led on text change
Bring back Camera widget option for tablets
Show Navigation bar menu for every device now
DisplaySettings: Add hardware-framework support for tap-to-wake
OmniSwitch hide from launcher
OmniSwitch: rambar cleanup and layout rework
OmniSwitch: UI tweaks
VoicePlus Enable app op to write SMS
fix led Make sure to turn off led after pulse
start the PowerSaver service if activated
LockBeforeUnlock the new way
Lockscreen Notifications: Custom Background color
Lockscreen Notifications: try to fix occasionally SystemUI FC on boot
Lockscreen Notifications: fix FC when an expanded notification
Lockscreen Notifications: Add “Clear All drawables” for NavBar
Lockscreen Notifications: Custom Background color
Lockscreen Notifications: dismiss all button, improve animations
QS: give animation love to network mode and wifi tiles
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Default Reserved

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This looks AWESOME Santod, I love your work - Thanks for everything.
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Dude seriously... dont u ever go to sleep ?

Hats off to you bro !!

Is there no other developer in this forum (no offence )
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When i turn on bluetooth, i get a force close, but i cant get a log cat at the moment. Sorry.
ROM: who knows...changes daily, hourly...whatever

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Only bugs I see so far are FC with DSP Manager within Google Play Music and also weird audio issues within playing YouTube Videos. Keep up the great work!

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so i dunno if its just me but if you try to share a link from youtube to facebook, all i get is a black screen. im gonna see if its cause i switched it over the AOSB black toggle in settings. but anything else i might have missed would be a big help.
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Any other kernels usable with this? Like EliteLunar Kernels by chance?

Edit: running the latest EliteLunar AOSP kernel in correlation with crossbreeder. So far so good.

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I'm not familiar with multi window, How do I turn it on? I've searched but can't figure it out.

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