Default [Q Nook HD+]Flashing charging indicator a problem?

My NookHD+ has been working fine with CM10.1.3 stable on EMMC. The other day I got home and it was dead even though when I used it in the morning it had at least 50% charge. I plugged it in and the charging indicator was slowly flashing green/amber and then would have several quick red flashes and then just go out. There was a battery icon on the screen that was empty and that was it. I tried another charger and got the same thing. I left it charge all night and the next morning it booted automatically into recovery, I rebooted and it loaded cm but only showed 8% charge. Left it on the charger all day and when I got home it was fully charged. (whew)
There still seemed to be issues though. I could no longer get into recovery and when I plugged it into the charger I was still getting the amber/green flashing, although it does seem to charge. I thought when charging it should just stay solid amber, my wife's HD is solid amber while charging. Thinking I may need to replace it under warranty, I have currently gone back to straight stock to see what happens. I sometimes get the flashing charge indicator and sometimes solid amber. Is this normal or is something going bad?