Default Scaling Eights Game for Gear?

Hi guys,

i am struggling with the resizing of Eights! Adding threes and fives. Resizing worked fine with fleksy. But in Eights the fontsizes of the numbers wont change. so they remain so little it's nearly impossible to read'em.

Did i have done something wrong? Did it with Xposed module ---> App settings...

Maybe a mod could fix this? If this is allowed. But its a free app...A Negative view of the app would be nice too. Cause of the battery. Black screen is better i think.

Is this possible? Can't be the only one who wanna play this on his gear. Seems like the perfect game for a watch to me...And in black it should not drain battery too much...

What do you think?

thx in advance for any hint and help.


X-Note build 18.0 N9005-NF4