Smile [APP] CBT Keeper (for depression and anxiety). Free premium app for feedback!

Hi Everyone, long-time lurker, first-time developer here. I'm a medical student that got a little frustrated with the lack of good mental health apps, and so I decided to take a stab at writing my own. CBT Keeper is my very first app--and actually my very first public programming project. I tried to keep it very simple with a minimalist, holo-inspired design, but I'm a total amateur so who knows what that actually means . I'd be interested in hearing your feedback on the design, user-interface, and concept.

Since I've gained so much from the XDA community, I'd like to offer a free upgrade to the premium edition for anyone who gives me feedback, either on this forum or through a PM. I built a little back door into the app that allows it to be unlocked without a fee, and I'd be happy to pass that on to anyone who helps.

I'm not looking for free 5-star reviews, I would just appreciate some honest opinions outside the Play Store before making a big marketing push.

Here's the link to the app on Google Play:

Thanks in advance for your help! You guys are the best!