Unhappy [Q] Any help with this brick?

Hi Guys,

I tried to update my TWRP, I think Modded TWRP for KitKat from Voyager2k. But.. I didnt know, that there is a issue with password requirement. So i cant mount any partition, cant wipe or instal anything. Same time I got brick 1a, it always immediately reboot into recovery. No way to get into fastboot mode (power + vol Up). If I follow steps here http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1514088 nothing happends. As well I attempted to use fastboot, erase, flash. WSG UnBricker doesnt work too. Everytime appears only "waiting for device". So I am stuck in TWRP, but cant do anything there.. Please tell me, it is not hard bricked..

Thanks for any help.