Default [Q] Cant establish reliable connection. TRIED EVERYTHING

Okay guys, i wasnt too sure where to post this so yea :P feel free to move it to its right destination haha

so, I have a rooted Moto G xt1032

everything was fine till a couple of days ago.
then all of a sudden i couldn't connect to the playstore. I thought it was a problem with my internet connection but after a while i realised it wasnt. so i unlinked and removed my gmail account. When i tried to relink it to my phone, it said "cant establish a reliable connection to the server."
then everything went haywire with my phone and a few apps kept crashing all the time.

I saw a solution which said to delete the "hosts" file but i couldnt change or delete it because my root explorer app kept crashing all the time.

So i tried factory resetting my phone, hoping that doing so would fix my problem.

But nope -.-

I cant get to my "hosts" file because i dont have a file manager and i cant install a file manager because no downloads get completed for some strange reason.

I've tried clearing the cache and a few stuff from the recovery (not TWRP or CWM) but i could try again if you suggest it.

Is there a way to get CWM or TWRP and then flash another rom? im not too sure but that could fix my problem so yeah :P