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I warmly recommend this 10 bands equalizer: Equalizer Pro (free)

I had tested tons of equalizer and this is the best so far. 10 bands is great, it has also a bass boost (and a virtualizer). Moreover, settings can be saved. Of course, it is fully compliant with Walkman.

Once installed, equalizer pro must be selected in settings / sound / music effects. Note that all Sony music effects will be still working at the same time, so keep the Sony equalizer flat. However, it can be interesting to use the two bass boosters if you need more than 100%.

For your information, I use the excellent headphone Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear which can be purchased for less than 200.

My bass boost setting is of 130% (Sony bass boost 100% + Equalizer Pro bass boost 30%). It is not too much, Sony bass boost is rather weak.
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