Default Help!!!! Htc one gpe bootloader issue!!!

M7_UL S-ON HBOOT 1.54 running 4.4.2
I literally did the steps on the htcdev and also searched methods for unlocking the bootloader.
But the dev just does not show the unlock screen.

here is what happened and fastboot oem or the htc official method showed the same ......
(bootloader) [PG_ERROR] htc_pg_part_traverse(839):
(bootloader)  invalid traverse range
(bootloader) [PG_ERROR] htc_pg_part_read(1029):
(bootloader)  htc_pg_part_traverse failed
(bootloader) [DISPLAY_ERR] sp_custom partition: unlock_disp_buf.img_buf r
(bootloader) ead error!
(bootloader) [DISPLAY_ERR] Can not load custom splash!
(bootloader) Loading custom splash failed!
OKAY [  0.562s]
finished. total time: 0.562s