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[Q] [IDEA] HDMI-out on AOSP rom?

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Lightbulb [Q] [IDEA] HDMI-out on AOSP rom?

Hello, I am not a developer and I am just looking for an answer to my question.

I know that there was released a google-edition of the S4 some time ago, which has the same HMDI-out (MHL2.0) as the Note 2 has. From what I have read about the google play-edition of the S4 you are still able to mirror your screen to the TV with the HDMI-out, which you are unable to do on the Note II if you use AOSP-roms. Since the Google Play Edition-phones are supposed to be open source just like google, I thought maybe the MHL2.0 driver was possible to port to other AOSP-roms on phones that uses the same MHL2.0-port as the S4... Which is the same Note II use!

This got me thinking and leads to my question:

Is there a way to use or port the HDMI-out driver from the S4 Google Play-edition and onto the Galaxy Note II's AOSP-Roms?

Please correct me if I've understood something wrong. I would be happy to get a proper answer.

(Currently using Paranoid Android-rom on Note II, and the only big flaw about this and every other AOSP-rom for the Note II is the lack of HDMI-out and Miracast.)
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Obviously Samsung gave Google the drivers. The *only* way we will ever see HDMI/MHL working on a non Samsung rom is one of three ways:

1) Someone with a sword of +10 to Autism Intensifies is able to reverse engineer every single protocol related to the signal coming out of the micro-USB port, and I am talking about someone with the ability to touch their tongue to the actual bared wires of a working MHL cable and from the taste tell you whether the movie being played is using AAC or 5.1 sound kinda thing. If there are a precious handful of clues in HOW various apps access and control this system, it is *possible* that a driver could be cobbled together to emulate the real thing. Will this happen? Probably not, there simply isn't enough interest.

2) A grass roots campaign is organized to beg, plead, threaten, abduct children of Samsung CEO's, do whatever it takes to get them to release the code for the drivers. This is unlikely but Samsung has begrudgingly helped with things like this before. Of course, we are also talking about a company that cheerfully has started putting e-fuses into their bootloader tripwires, so... Don't count on it.

3) A specialized unit of combined Ninjas and Belarus mercs storms the Samsung heaquarters and steals the source code for the drivers. There could be hostage situations, some mild torture to extract the pass-key to the RSA 32768 bit encrypted data center, military intervention and possibly airstrikes from American interests, North Korean EMP attacks when they get caught up in it... Still - doable.

Your other option is to simply keep a nicely fleshed out Touchwiz based rom nandroided away and just reload that for when you want to use your HDMI out the odd time.

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I like #3 lol

But yeah... best to use a sammy based rom if you want that feature (can look here for them:
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Battery Low Done with it.

HTC is also guilty of this. My Sensation also has MHL out, but it won't work on AOSP (which frankly infuriates me).
Reflashing Touchwiz-based rom every time.. this would be a nightmare. I... I can't. No. Whole pile of nope.
Things like that make me sick of Samsung. I had pleasure of playing with Note 3 for few days, and now I'm done. My next device will be any open phone.
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