Default [Q] HTC One Won't Turn On Red Blink 5 Seconds

I've been having a strange issue with my phone for the past two days.

It started last night when the phone turned itself off. If I plugged it into the charger I was able to get it into fastboot and then bootloader, but then it would turn itself off. It would not boot into the system at all. I tried this many times before I gave up until this morning.

This morning I was able to go into fastboot and then into bootloader. I was then able to flash ViperOne 5.7 and ElementalX 13.0 back onto the phone and it worked! I was so happy. Until about 5PM when the phone turned off again. I was able to reflash the ROM and KERNEL and it turned off after about 15 mins of use. Reflashed again and it turned off after a couple of hours. I was able to get into fastboot when plugged into a charger at first, but now nothing.

The exact experience I am currently having is that when I plug the phone in the charger the LED flashes red about once every five seconds until it stops completely. If I plug it into my computer it will give me the windows sound that's plugged in.

Holding the power button for two minutes does nothing. Trying to turn it on with a bright light near the sensor does nothing. I am now not even able to hold the power and down volume to get into fastboot.

I'm not sure what else to do. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.