Info 2 [Q] Probam v4.4.9b jfltetmo no Keyboard on new flash

First I have to say I really like the look and feel of this rom and really want to use it.

when I flash the ROM initially from a fresh install, when the setup comes up it says the Google keyboard (AOSP) has stopped and I have no keyboard to set up my phone with. not being able to set up my Google account so that I can download my contacts list and stuff or set up my WiFi during the setup. if I skip all the setup steps I can eventually install a keyboard, my preferred keyboard is the a.i. Keyboard. it works most of the time but I will still occasionally get the error that the google keyboard has stopped even though I don't have it selected as the default keyboard. This is the one thing preventing me from using this ROM, because everything else I use works perfectly in there, which is more than I can say about other ROMS. Can anyone tell me how to fix this one thing?