Question [Q] - [How to flash a F320S kdz to a F320L phone ?]

Hi everone,
I'm now studying in Korea, i bring a phone from my hometown to Korea. It's a F320L phone, and it's locked with the LG U+ SIM card. However, most of my friends here are using the SKT telecom, which suit for F320S phone. And practically i bought a SKT prepaid SIM. So, i'm trying to make my F320L work with this SIM.
I flash it back to 4.2.2, rooted, and tried to flash F320S baseband to it. It doesn't work.
So i'm trying to flash an F320S stock ROM on my F320L. But the KDZ tool stuck in 2%, may be because the stock rom does not fit with the phone. I also tried with Flash tool in THIS TOPIC, and still not succeed.
May be someone can help me? I'm still a student, and i don't have much money to spend for a new mobile.