Default [Q] wifi, mobile data, Bluetooth problems

Last week my phone (rooted Motorola RAZR i running the stock T-Mobile UK rom ) developed these problems:
1. WiFi - within a few hours of no use, WiFi indicator goes from blue to grey; which apparently means "not connected to Google services". This apparently means that gmail syncing, etc doesn't work, but other non-Google internet stuff should be fine... but in my case this was not the case, ie all internet connectivity was down.
2. Mobile data - same issue a WiFi; that is no use, indicator blue to grey, no connectivity.
3. Bluetooth - no audio for calls, but music is fine. When i call someone via Bluetooth headset, i can't hear their phone ringing or their voice once they answer.

So it seems that each radio loses partial functionality. I say partial because WiFi and mobile data both still showed me connected, despite not seeming to function at all. The issues occur separately. Each issue can be fixed by turning the relevant service off and on again. I haven't installed any new apps recently (that i can recall).

I don't expect anyone to diagnose the issue(s) (they seem related), but could i would like some advice regarding how to debug the problems, eg tools, logs, etc that might help me see what's going wrong.