Default [Q] Location of smdl2tmp1

Hi there,

was switching from CM10.1 to [ROM][KK][4.4.2] CarbonRom [27/2/2014] for my One S C2 today, trying to solve the homescreen bug. Anyway while recovering my phone with helium, I figured out, that only one app couldn't be installed to the sd card.

Now I want to delete the smdl2tmp1 file in .android-secure as everyone suggests on the Internet. Unfortunately I'm unable to find the location of this file. I've used the file manger which is deployed along with the rom in root mode (superuser). Did the same with "RootBrowser" too. Mounting the card via usb to my win7 machine wasn't working either (could only see the internal sd card without any hidden folders[of course the respective option is enabled]).

Hints and help much appreciated.