Default Problems with Roms..

Hey guys. I have problem with.. I think every rom.

I tested alot of roms i think about 90% of project here and.. I have no idea why,but ANY rom doesnt work good.
One rom have problems with performence in game,secound have lags in UI,third have problems with camera etc etc

I havent a good rom what should work GOOD - some apps just works like crap and some works perfectly. What the hack is wrong with my phone?

Here are problems :
1. First thing is snapchat. NEVER WORKS GOOD ON THIS PHONE. This is just crap. Video recording never works good. in one ROM it wasnt even recording,in secound recording works but snapchat was sending a black screen or broken video,in third wide screen on this crappy app doesnt work... - i have alot of friends with android phones with simmilar CPU,RAM etc and for them everything work good.. IDK WHY. But they have pure stock ROM's without any root-s etc. Maybe that is the problem?
2. Secound : UI. at about 95% roms my UI was lagging as hell. I dont know why,just had like 5 Apps installed + stock and UI was lagging at every move. I cant even imagine for smooth UI at JB rom. ICS works not bad,GB works better.
3. Performance in games : only at Gin2KitKat games works close to perfectly. Games like MC4,GTA VC works good at 100-1GHZ. Only on this rom. Even when i try "GAMING" roms without any addon's like dialer etc "super-extra-smooth-rom"

What the hell is wrong?
I dont know,maybe too much flashing roms and kernels can "broke" phone?

I have secound phone (Sony LWW) and on this phone everything works just perfect. Every rom is really smooth and fast without any additional problems..
#edit : now i flashed my favourite ultimate HD 6.0 -snapchat problems : camera preview is lagged and camera is recording with quality like 144p. JESUS CHRIST ITS ANNOYING
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