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[APP][2.2+] Stats Monitor Widget - Minimalistic Android System Monitor

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Default [APP][2.2+] Stats Monitor Widget - Minimalistic Android System Monitor

Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...itorwidgetFree

Non Play Store Free Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8G...it?usp=sharing

Paid ($1): https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...smonitorwidget

This is my first app, and I'm new to app development, so any feedback or tips are greatly appreciated. I have many plans for future features and updates that could improve or add to the ad. Also, any ratings or downloads help, thanks!

Updates from Version 4:

Update Version 4!

- Added a network section, it displays currently connected network, current upload speeds and download speeds that update every 3 seconds! It displays the speeds in megabits per second, but it can be changed to kilobytes per second in the advanced settings! However, network speeds are supported by most devices, and some may not support it.

- Improved performance on the configuration settings, it should scroll a lot faster and smoother now

- Added radio buttons for the text alignment in advanced settings, so now you can only choose one, and is a bit more clear

- Added multiple widget sizes for launchers that cannot re size widgets (2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4)

Update Version 4.1!

- Fixed a bug that stopped certain features from loading

Update Version 4.2!

- Fixed a bug that gives the value 0 for external storage in Samsung Note 3

Update Version 4.3!

- Added an Update interval setting in Advanced Settings!

Update Version 4.4!

- Added battery temperature in farenheit in advanced settings!
- You can now manually enter the path to your external storage in advanced settings if it is not working!
- Hopefully added some better performance with the widget settings

Update Version 4.5!
- Added 1x1 widget size
- Added semi transparent background color
- Reduced app size (Free Version Only)

Update Version 4.6!

- HUGE speed improvements, no more slowing down your device! (Tested with multiple devices)
- Added 25% and 75% transparent background colors!

Update Version 4.7!

- Cleaned up ALOT of code, should increase the performance of the app, possibly less 4th cpu core usage
- Hopefully fixed an issue some users were having with not being able to send text messages
- More tablet friendly! Should be less likely to crash on tablets that don't have cell connectivity

Update Version 4.8!

- Various code improvements and bug fixes
- Re-coded the multi-core readings from scratch. 4th core now working (Tested and proven)!
- Added an option in advanced settings to remove the CPU title (If present)

App Description: Looking for a Conky like, text based, system monitor for android? Tired of slow system monitor widgets making your beautiful phone look ugly, and want something better? Stats Monitor was created for exactly that. As an android user, I created this app off of my own needs and desires as an android user, to create minimalist, text based widget, that could show what's going on in your phone, while keeping the home screens looking beautiful and customizeable.

Updates every second - Keeps you up to date on all of your phone info and system monitoring!
Time - Easy to see AM/PM format and the current date
Battery - temperature, and percent left
System - Cpu (multi-core available), and uptime
Device Memory - Internal, external, sd card, and ram (Megabytes and Gigabytes setting)
Mobile Network - 3g, 4g, or wifi info (name)
Data Speeds - upload and download speeds (updates every 3 seconds for more accurate estimations)
Customizable - Can use widget settings to hide or display any of these things
Advanced Settings - Change tweak formats and settings and enable things like multi core cpu support!
Minimal - Beautiful, easy to see, and simple!
Text Settings - Change text and background colors to you liking!
Conky (Like) - Build your own widget, but without all of the complicated scripts!

Through my testing, I've found this to be the fastest, most minimalistic, most customize able, and most beautiful form of android system monitor widgets, and I hope you agree. I also can confirm, along with many others, that this widget does not kill your battery, since it only makes requests while your screen is on, so this widget can save you from draining you precious battery life while you are monitoring it. If you have any suggestions or problems please post below, and rate this five stars if you enjoy it. Thank you!

Internet (Free Only): to get Ad requests
Storage: to hopefully fix a crash report some devices have, and save user preferences
Network and Wifi: For the network section to grab network name, and speeds



Thanks please reply with feedback below!
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I forgot to mention, i plan on adding options for text sizes, and a network section to see connected networks and the speed of that network!
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This with the speed of the network would be a great Idea!
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You could put a download link for those who don't use the Google Play store.
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More battery stats too, like time left on battery and current draw from battery. This is a great start.
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Talking Love it!

Please could you upload the APK somewhere? Thank you

Thanks for the app. Love the concept of it

Sorry for going offtopic, but which launcher and wallpaper do you have? I really like it, and would like to get it on my phone. Thanks
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May be you could add the battery in a different way:
Total Capacity / Capacity Available / battery drain per hour... (similar to what Elixir shows).
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Nice idea
That would be great to push the Conky-like mechanism one step further : allowing user to build conky-like script that can display any system variable the way Conky does

with a noob-friendly setting zone with predefined settings available (as it is now) and something else editable this kind of way:
#color settings
default_color FFFFFF
color1 FF0000
color2 FF5F00
color3 0000FF
color4 0073FF
color5 0BAE07


mem: $mem/$memmax
${color5}${membar 5 80}${color}
cores: ${cpu 0} % ${acpitemp}C
#${cpu 1} 

${color1}${cpubar cpu 1 5 80}
${color2}${cpubar cpu 2 5 80}
${color3}${cpubar cpu 3 5 80}
${color4}${cpubar cpu 4 5 80}${color}
battery: ${battery_percent}% 
battery: ${battery}

Edit : an app like yours already exist (slightly lighter than yours) but has no config options : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...asaki.TW&hl=en
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how about allowing a single one to be displayed as a widget. example: only time, or only memory info
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Very nice widget, great work.

One little bug as i see it is that for cpu usage the % sign comes before the value.

A nice feature would be RAM usage.

And a short description of permissions is always nice in app description on playstore

Edit: Another bug is that the uptime counter doesnt show days. I have uptime of 26h now but it shows 2h in widget.

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