Default Ovivo (UK) warning

The mobile phone service provider in the UK, known has Ovivo has shut down with no notice. They are an MVNO using the Vodafone network.

They work by selling you a SIM card and offer services for free (via advertising). Too good to be true, I never fell for it myself but the wife did and she got five months of services before they vanished. More than I expected!!!!

The company was likely well aware they were in difficulties but up until the minute they shut down just a few hours ago they were still selling SIM cards for 20 a piece.

I've read on forums people have been angry that they purchased a SIM card a few days back, registered it this evening and got literally a few minutes of service before they shut down.

Disgraceful company and I hope the irresponsible owner(s) are held accountable, they have continued selling and making money while know the crap they were in.

Glad I stayed with GiffGaff.

Just a word of warning for those not aware, Ovivo has vanished into thin air!!

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