Phone [Q] Using Odin in Ubuntu

First of all, Hi guys This is my first post.Hope you would help me.
So I have got a galaxy chat b5330 phone.I was searching for a working method to root my phone.

I think I have found one method, it requires me to 1. copy a .zip file on sdcard 2.go to download mode 3.from odin, click PDA and select a recovery.tar.md5 file.

I am using Ubuntu and Sadly Odin(via Wine) is not recognising my phone in download mode.

Then I tried JOdin, but even more sadly, it says that it needs newer version of java.So i got java.But it stll says I need newer version of java.

Then I got Heimdall, but it's totally different than Odin.

Please tell me what to do so that Odin will detect my phone.

Or how can I do the same via heimdall(frontend).

I am not going to get M$ crapware just for rooting my phone.Whatever I do, I'll do it on My Ubuntu PC(I can use some other *nux or BSD).

BTW the tutorial I'm following is similar to , actually

EDIT:- I have somehow got JOdin3 working, but the **F Reset Time** option is grayed out.Can you tell how to get the option back?