Default D802, Downgraded from kitkat to jellybean error with loki

Hi, i have a issue here.

I downgraded from kiikat portugal 16gb d802 to jelly bean d80210a and im having issues.

after the downgrade, rooted successefully, then i installed Freegee to install CWM, it installs withou errors and i can use it, but as soon as i try to flash Phillz recovery for example, or any other file, it gives an error with mapping the aboot with loki.

do any of you guys know anything about it ?

i tried multiple jelly beans verisons 10A, 10B, 10E and all of them with the same error, i used 2 ways to downgrade, the back to stock mode in this forum, and another one with the LG Flash Tool, that flashes .tot files

every single time the same error...

i have no idea were to go from here, so some help would be apretitated..

Thanks very much in advance for you time
awesome LG G2 D802