Tablet [Q] Touchscreen Shake , Jitter when using multitouch - Note 10.1 2014

Its been sometime that we are having this issue on the Note 10.1 2014 .. Its that the screen starts to shake when holding and scrolling or it jitters and shakes when we pinch to zoom ..
There is a thread in the forums for the Note 10.1 2014 about it but wanted to ask on a broader forum if there is any solution to fixing or even reducing the issue in the Android OS
Is there a way in android to reduce the touch sensitivity so that the screen is more stable ..

There is also an app called Artflow that does not exhibit this issue even though the rest of the os there is a shake issue ..

Does any one know of a overlay software fix for this so that the touch screen can be more usable .. or slow down the sensitivity

Or at least mod the internet browser to be less sensitive when scrolling , I am rooted so any root solutions would be great ...

The issue is also in a youtube video ...