Default [Q]Solved- Manually reroot?

I've searched, but not found any relevant info.

Tried CF-auto root, and it appeared to work. Got a pass, but I ended up at the "seandroid enforcing" screen.
Installed TWRP, and when restarting, was asked if I wanted to install supersu.
Got a "supersu installer stopped working" and after updating supersu via the market, I got:

"There is no SU binary installed,and SuperSU cannot install it.this is a problem.if u just upgraded to android 4.3
you need to manually re-root.consult the relevant forums for your device"

How do I manually reroot? Just try cf auto with Odin again?
Or is there a different method?
Would highly appreciate the help!

Edited to add: I repeated the rooting attempt via Odin, and installed the supersu update zip via recovery. This time it asked about disabling Knox, and now I'm rooted.