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★ ☆ [ROM][5.0.2] NuSenseSIX | Sense 6.0 | 7.17.1540.7 | v10.6 [02-13-15]

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By santod040, Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor on 25th March 2014, 02:48 AM
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Announcement from santod040: Rebased to Official 5.0.2 Developer m7 Base: 7.17.1540.7 CL468180 release-keys

HTC Sense 6.0


Official 5.0.2 Developer m7 Base:

CL468180 - LRX22G release-keys

About The Roms:

NuSenseSIX RC6+

Now fully rebased from Official m7 Sense 6 from HTC
The original NuSenseSIX ROM was an HTC One (2014) m8 port for the Verizon HTC One m7.

The rom is very functional!
It was made from an odex system dump.
It has been deodexed and modified for our device and network.

I hope you enjoy NuSenseSIX!


Some of the Features:
All new m7 Sense 6.0 - Android 5.0.2 Base
Extreme Power Saver Mode
Advanced Power Menu
1% Battery options
Center clock option
App Drawer Grid Options
Beats Audio
Multi-Carrier support
Prism Gap fix Mod - optional
Transparent widgets - optional
Custom DPI options
Audio FX - optional
Eleven Music Player - optional
Sense 6 Toolbox
Xtended Settings

Music Channel Toggle - lyrics/pulldown/visuals
DoubleTap2sleep statusbar - optional
New 2014 Camera
Deodexed and optimized
Updated most Market Apps
Rooted with latest SuperSU v2+
9 Default HTC color themes included and enabled
Native HTC Wifi Hotspot (enabled for all users)

Native No Lockscreen
Font changer in settings
HTC Backup
HTC Task Manager
Xposed Framework
Launcher Options
Traditional Wake features
Motion Gestures: S2W, S2Dial, DT2W, etc
and much more...

Mods will be in Post #2
Changelogs in post #3

Sharing Policy:
If you would like to use this rom or parts of this rom, in your own, you must ask me for permission first!
Please do this via PM, so as not to distract from the purpose of the thread.
These matters are best dealt with privately, for everyone's sake.
Thanks for your understanding and consideration.
Violators of the above, will be reported to XDA Moderation for proper handling.

(ie: your mirrors could cause the project to end early)



Official 5.0.2 Developer Based port 7.17.1540.7

NuSenseSIX v10.6 Multi-Carrier

If device hangs on first boot, hold power to hard reboot.
This can happen due to some of the aroma kernel customizations, that require a second boot.

Current 5.0.2 International Based port 7.15.401.1

NuSenseSIX v10.1



Current 4.4.3 International Based port 6.09.401.12

NuSenseSIX v9.0

Current 4.4.3 Verizon Base 5.28.605.2

NuSenseSIX v8.0

NFC Fix for v8.0

Current 4.4.2 Base

NuSenseSIX 6.8

Required Recovery:

Latest Radios and Firmware are REQUIRED and can be found here

Motion Gestures
To enable Motion Gestures:
The included kernel(as of RC6.0+) supports HTC's EasyAccess Motion Gestures.
You just need to enable Xposed and the included Sense 6 Toolbox Module.
Then enable the Wake Gestures toggle in the Toolbox, assign your actions and reboot.
The HTC Logo is used in place of volume rocker, for the camera gestures.

OLD Versions:

NuSenseSIX v10.4 Multi-Carrier

NuSenseSIX v10.1


NuSenseSIX 7.8

NuSenseSIX 7.6

NuSenseSIX 7.4

NuSenseSIX 7.2

NuSenseSIX 7.1

NuSenseSIX 7.0


NuSenseSIX 6.8

NuSenseSIX 6.7

NuSenseSIX 6.4

NuSenseSIX 6.01

NuSenseSIX 6.0

NuSenseSIX 5.0

NuSenseSIX 4.6

NuSenseSIX 4.2

NuSenseSIX 4.0

NuSenseSIX 3.82
Rearrange Quick Settings Fix

NuSenseSIX 3.5

Wanna buy me a coffee to keep me going?

Original Verizon Thread: LINK
Sprint Thread: LINK
GSM Thread: LINK

Google - Android OS
HTC - Sense 6.0 base
Disconnecktie - Testing
Flar2 - Kernel tweaks/Gestures
Llabtoofer - Stock system dump
RichmondoUK - Xtended Settings
Source - Link

XDA:DevDB Information
NuSenseSIX KitKat Sense 6.0, ROM for the Verizon HTC One

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: 5.28.605.2
Based On: Sense 6.0

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: RC8.0
Stable Release Date: 2014-09-11
Current Beta Version: RC4.2
Beta Release Date: 2014-03-24

Created 2014-03-25
Last Updated 2015-03-16
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-19-20-24-12.jpg
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Size:	85.5 KB
ID:	2648712   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-19-20-28-58.jpg
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Size:	176.9 KB
ID:	2648713   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-19-22-54-10.png
Views:	14457
Size:	104.2 KB
ID:	2648714   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-19-22-21-43.jpg
Views:	14660
Size:	120.2 KB
ID:	2648715   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-19-22-36-41.png
Views:	14184
Size:	66.6 KB
ID:	2648716   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-19-22-46-52.png
Views:	13964
Size:	135.7 KB
ID:	2648717   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-19-20-31-09.png
Views:	13888
Size:	182.4 KB
ID:	2648718   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-26-21-50-13.png
Views:	13745
Size:	115.4 KB
ID:	2652931   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-26-21-49-25.png
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Size:	53.4 KB
ID:	2652932   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-26-20-26-56.png
Views:	13438
Size:	77.3 KB
ID:	2652933   Click image for larger version

Name:	NuSenseSIX-Header-small.jpg
Views:	61327
Size:	45.3 KB
ID:	2652934   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-26-22-10-25.jpg
Views:	12959
Size:	145.7 KB
ID:	2652941   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-26-22-53-14.png
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Size:	169.1 KB
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Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-27-00-35-13.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-27-01-26-58.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2014-03-27-00-34-39.jpg
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Size:	138.7 KB
ID:	2652945   Click image for larger version

Name:	NuSenseSIX-Banner2.jpg
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Size:	17.5 KB
ID:	2687258   Click image for larger version

Name:	NuSenseSIX-Banner3.jpg
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Size:	20.5 KB
ID:	2687259   Click image for larger version

Name:	NUSenseSIX-Devices.jpg
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Size:	136.5 KB
ID:	2687260   Click image for larger version

Name:	NuSenseSIX-Trans-Banner_small2.jpg
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Size:	9.1 KB
ID:	2687261  
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25th March 2014, 02:48 AM |#2  
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Are YOU down with the SIXness?
Feel free to grab a banner to show your Infection...

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25th March 2014, 02:48 AM |#3  
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NuSenseSIX 10.6 - 02-13-15

Update ramdisk
Update SePolicy
Fix Media Output
Fix 3-dot menu in Account Sync
Update Se Contents
Added App-Ops to Security Settings
Added ambient display in display options(notif only)
Add some services to boot class
Enable proper perms for gyro
Enabled Aosp Power Control Toggle widget
Added Messaging to EPS mode for Vzw
Added Aosp/Material Browser optional
Aroma fix-ups for dirty/repeat reflashing
Added lib for Sprint/QC specific Location services
Removed some mods from aroma and added to new modpack
Cleanup and more...

NuSenseSIX 10.4 - 02-10-15

Rebased to first Offical m7 Developer Edition 5.0.2 base
Lollipop 7.17.1540.7 CL468180 release-keys
Initial introduction of carrier support via aroma
- Verizon, International(Gsm), and Sprint
Rewrote aroma scripts
Complete redo of optional APM using new framework
Rooted with latest SuperSu
Disabled system write protection on new base
No more screen wake issues :)
Fixed Music Channel f/c that still exists in official(c'mon HTC)
Added latest NuK3rn3l Sense Lollipop build with aroma configs
Added back most of the latest NuSenseSIX features
Added the remaining 10th theme from my modpack options(not my fav)
Couple more boot animation options
Cleaned up aroma
Updated all Market apps
Updated all HTC apps
Starting work on updated modpack,...stay tuned

NuSenseSIX 10.1 - 01-17-15

Updated to latest Official HTC One International 5.0.2 base
Lollipop 7.15.401.1 CL456114 release-keys
Added back most of the latest NuSenseSIX features
Updated all Market apps
Updated all HTC apps


NuSenseSIX 9.0 - 01-09-15

Updated to latest Official HTC One International 4.4.3 base
6.09.401.12 CL366813 release-keys
Added back all the latest NuSenseSIX features
Updated all Market apps
Updated all HTC apps
Updated Xposed modules
Updated NuK3rn3l to v20
Added Modified Blinkfeed option:
- includes Apm, 1% Battery, Trans Status Bar
Clean up...and more

NuSenseSIX 8.0 - 09-11-14

Updated to latest Official Verizon HTC One 4.4.3 base
5.28.605.2 CL365669 release-keys
Added back all the latest NuSenseSIX features
Added HTC News app (removable)
Added latest Hangouts with Voice integration
Added latest "L" Google News & Weather
Fixed compatibility with latest Youtube
Updated to m7vzw 4.4.3 ramdisk
Updated all Market apps
Updated all HTC apps
Updated Xposed modules
Removed Xsense (no real need for it)
VVM works now, as this is now Vzw based
Clean up...and more

NuSenseSIX 7.8 - 08-15-14

Fixed YouTube error
Fixed Sms/Mms error
Updated to latest HTC Zoe (that actually works)

NuSenseSIX 7.6 - 08-14-14

Updated NuK3rn3l-443 v17.2
New Governors
Improved Touch Screen Response > wake gestures
Attempt to improve Isis compatibility(needs tested)
Updated Sense 6 Toolbox to 1.3.2 (newer versions break gestures)
Updated Blinkfeed
Updated HTC Gallery
Updated all Market Apps
Added "The Dark Six" - Inverted Sense theme (X-Module)
Added Xsense (X-Module)
Removed Gravity Box
Fixed downloads in stock HTC Browser
Added Latest "L" Play Store w/Material style UI
Added optional Android L keyboard
Added Boot animation options to aroma

---Added Xtended Settings Module---


Statusbar theming support - theme each icon individually!
Hide specific notifications icons
MIUI Battery bar with charging animation
Choose custom clock colour
Left / Right / Hide clock
Hide am/pm
Custom header Date / Time Settings
Carrier logo for statusbar
Select custom colour / Animation / Image for notifications pull-down
Enable / Disable Fade Effect on pull-down
CM brightness control
Custom carrier operator text / Hide
Choose between AOSP and HTC Recent apps dialogue
Show carrier icon
Custom xtended settings button
Network speed meter
Notification count setting
Block Pull-down on lock-screen
Custom notification colours
Custom statistics line ( CPU , Battery, Wifi etc )

HTC Launcher:

Enable landscape
Lock / unlock workspaces
Custom navbar images
Select custom colour / Animation / Image for app drawer
Choose icon packs - ADW Icon Packs, Go Launcher etc
Custom colour / Hide app labels on home-screen
Custom colour / Hide app labels on appdrawer icons
Custom colour / Hide folder labels home / appdrawer
Custom colour background for open folders
Binkfeed ratio / sync options
Customize weather clock widgets appearances
Customize Actions menu, including custom app


AOSP / HTC Lock screen
Custom carrier lock-screen text
Hide time on lock-screen
Hide am/pm on lock-screen
Hide date on lock-screen
Custom lock-screen shortcuts on HTC / AOSP
Custom app notifications on lock-screen
Screen on custom app lock-screen notification toggle
Hide operator on lock-screen
Custom weather images Light / Dark / Colour
AOSP enable add widgets and disable camera widget options


Custom 3 finger swipe gestures and 3 finger tap
Configure long press delay of buttons
Search panel has extra entries. Choose custom apps or actions
Long-press Back / Home / Recent / Menu Actions (10+)
Long-press on Lock-screen Back / Home / Recent Actions (10+)
Use volume up / down to wake the device
Volume buttons music control ( Screen Off )
Disable volume sound when pressing volume buttons


Allow flash LED during charging / screen on
Highly configurable auto-brightness settings, with manual configuration of each sensor value
Use flash-light as notification light with custom flash rates
Select time-out for led notification
Disable low battery notification
Select NFC restrictions
Disable MTP Notification
Enable / Disable ISO Mount. Use HTC Sync or custom image
Custom auto-brightness algorithms, custom defined ramp values and pre-sets
Force enable Wifi N
Immersive Mode (Full Screen). Select custom app for hide statusbar / navbar / both
Xtended power saver options
CRT On / Off Animations
Signature checking disabled


Access hidden diagnostics screen
Custom over-scroll colours
Custom transition animations. Bounce, Flip, Fold etc
Hide APM Menu items
Change recent app style HTC / AOSP
Remove contact mask ( Dots overlay )
Custom rotations ( 90 , 180 , 270 )
Full-screen landscape keyboard
Force enable Wifi N
Fast dormancy toggle
Disable HTC SmartSync
Disable Exchange EAS administrator rights
Disable tones on volume button press
Disable safe volume headset warning
Select different volume steps or adjust custom values
Screen recorder adjustment ( Bit-rate / Screen size )
Enable / Disable boot sound
Custom lock / unlock sounds ( Ring-tones, Alarms or Notifications )

Advanced Tweaks:

Low memory killer values configuration
Fix permissions
Zip-align apks
Media scanner for missing media
Mount system rw / ro
Disable log-cat
Hi - Res mode
Custom IMEI
Wipe cache / dalvik


CPU settings warning dialog
I/O Scheduler settings
Custom read ahead size
CPU Governor settings
Disable CPU PnPMgr
Individual CPU Min / Max values
Core control
Boot-loop protection
GPU Governor / Max Freq

NuSenseSIX 7.4 - 07-17-14

Rebased to Official 4.4.3 M7 Developer Base: 6.07.1540.1 CL356475 release-keys
Added TV ui profiles for new Google TV remote functionality
Added Zoe Video option to Blinkfeed services
Added new network settings for Legacy LTE/LTE3gpp and Gsm networks
Added kernel configurations to aroma
Added traditional or Gesture wake options
Added Graphics Boost option
Added Gamma Control option
Added CPU/GPU overclocking options
Added undervolting option
Added Wifi Nag Killer option
Removed APM option temporarily (use toolbox option)
Removed Blinkfeed Gap Mod (use toolbox option)
Removed Button configuration options (l2m now in kernel config)
Reduced logging from previous base
Updated all Market apps
Updated SuperSu
Much more...

NuSenseSIX 7.2 - 06-28-14

Fixed Google Now Launcher Aroma option
Added DoubleTap2Sleep on Lockscreen functionality

NuSenseSIX 7.1 - 06-22-14

Fixed Media Playback - (last minute derp when adding vvm to 7.0)
Fixed Paid Market App compatibility

NuSenseSIX 7.0 - 06-22-14

Updated to Android 4.4.3
Rebased off of 6.06.401.10 CL352924 release-keys
Updated Adreno and Kgsl drivers to GPE 4.4.3
Improved Motion Launch Gestures
Improved proximity sensor behavior while in-call
Added back the typical NuSenseSIX features to the new base
Updated Market apps



NuSenseSIX 6.8 - 06-03-14

Fixed BusyBox issues with Trickster
Fixed Google - Phone/App search
Fixed Messaging in Extreme Power Saver Mode
Fixed Additional Fonts option in Aroma
Fixed ES File Explorer installs even when not selected in Aroma
Removed funky Maximize Lockscreen Widget Module
Removed SubSense(free your mind) module, Toolbox handles Gestures

NuSenseSIX 6.7 - 05-31-14

Rebased to Official Verizon Sense 6.0 base: 4.10.605.3
wifi tether (replaced ugly red icon)
Integrated wifi nag killer patch
Added Button mapping options to Aroma - choose "stock" to keep Home mapping in Settings
Removed VVM option, comes default now
Updated to latest ramdisk from official base
Added back all the standard NuSense features

As well as those that Verizon took out or disabled:
native no lockscreen
panoramic camera
music channel
extreme power saver
power saver
task manager
file manager

NuSenseSIX 6.4 - 05-24-14

Rebased to 5.14.531.1
Added missing weather animations
Disabled m8 specific camera features we can't use
Updated Xposed Framework
Updated Sense 6 Toolbox
Updated Gravity Box
Added back Lucy/Scribble


Mod Options:

HTC Media Link
Disable Exchange Security
Install Visual Voicemail
LTE option(test) for GSM/non-Vzw Sim users
Native APM (advanced power menu)
Adaway - Ad blocking app
Volume Wake enabler (use with toolbox tweak)

Default Launcher options:

Apex Launcher
Nova Launcher
Google Experience Launcher
Inspire Launcher
Solo Launcher
Blinkfeed - HTC Sense

Additional App options:

ES File Explorer
Root File Explorer
Root Browser
MiFile Root Explorer
Titanium Backup

NuSenseSIX 6.01 - 05-15-14

Fixed Bluetooth Call Audio

NuSenseSIX 6.0 - 05-14-14

Now fully rebased from Official m7 Sense 6 from HTC - 05-14-14
5.11.1500.8 Release-Keys


RC 5.0 - 04/11/14 - Stable

Completely Rebased to 1.54.401.5 Release-Keys
Updated Installer for improved compatibility with other recoveries (tested on Twrp and PhilZ)
Updated Market Apps
Updated latest Prism, so it won't change in Play Store right away
Button Settings - Home/Recents/Google Now

RC 4.6 - 04/05/14 - Stable

Fixed all Camera Gallery Editing options/themes,etc
Fixed app drawer "search" force close
Fixed Sms/Mms notifications not showing on dock shortcut
Fixed Downloading using stock browser
Added Sense 6 Toolbox(alpha)
Updated HTC Apps and Services
Fixed Bluetooth Audio

RC 4.2 - 03/29/14
Fixed Battery Usage stats f/c
Fixed World Clock Edit f/c
Added Extreme Power Saver to Q/S
Patched Bluetooth
Updated all market apps
Updated SuperSu
System clean up

RC 4.0 - 03/28/14
Fixed Blinkfeed Social Plugin *for real this time
Fixed Wifi/Beats Notification
Fixed input selector
Mapped Logo to Recent Apps for now
Included Quick Settings rearrange fix
(I can make a flashable to switch it back to menu if wanted, or you can remap with Gravity Box)
Clean up

RC 3.82 - 03/27/14
Fixed Blinkfeed Social Manager issues

RC 3.8 - 03/27/14
Updated to Vzw m8 base: 1.12.605.11
Enabled Extreme Power Saver Mode from GSM m8
Added Extreme Power Saver to Quick Settings
Added Music Channel support - lyrics for music apps
Added Fitbit support to Blinkfeed
Enabled Group Messaging(untested/I don't use it))
Enabled Verizon Data limit settings
Fixed Keyboard Settings/emojis
Enabled 5x6 App Drawer Grid
Rescaled Prism to better fit our screen
Added home screen logo/menu
Increased Mms size limits to 1MB, 2MB and 5MB max
Enabled HTC App update support in the Play Store - Tv, Blinkfeed, Zoe, etc (spoofed as m8)
Fixed Twitter support in Blinkfeed
Updated Xposed and Viper4Android
Added HTC 4-Shortcut widget
System clean up and optimizations
and more....

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25th March 2014, 02:48 AM |#4  
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The sdcard not being visible via PC is annoying.
Is there any fix for this yet?

Every device seems to handle Lollipop differently, some handle the new formatting fine.
Some have the above issue.
The below commands will resolve this.

Yes, here is a work-around
Install Terminal Emulator then type:
restorecon -FR /data/media/0
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25th March 2014, 02:50 AM |#5  
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Let me be the first, or maybe second or third to say that I'm looking forward to this! Thanks for cranking it out!!!
25th March 2014, 03:10 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by dgjenkins

Let me be the first, or maybe second or third to say that I'm looking forward to this! Thanks for cranking it out!!!

You won't be disappointed 😉
25th March 2014, 03:12 AM |#7  
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Can't wait

Sent from my HTC One VZW using Tapatalk 4
25th March 2014, 03:21 AM |#8  
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Wonder how this will be different from hawks 6.0 ROM...

sent from my blue police box flying through time....
25th March 2014, 03:22 AM |#9  
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Santod you are the best! Thanks for all the hard work.

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25th March 2014, 03:28 AM |#10  
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Initial public release is up now guys...
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