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[ROM] [4.4.4] CM11-REMIX [gee] [ver_3.0.0][15th July 2014]

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Default [ROM] [4.4.4] CM11-REMIX [gee] [ver_3.0.0][15th July 2014]

This ROM is a remix of the best options coming from famous team and developer: AOKP BEANSTALK CrDroid ChameOS CM MOKEE OMNI PA SLIM VANIR etc.

The maguro thread is here
Burstlam's rom is famous in china,from android4.0 to android4.4,even named "the best rom for maguro".
I just build one from sources for gee without any mod.

Thank you @burstlam!

Options and Credit Author: (as much as I could remember ... )

In general this is based on CM's framework.

SLIM : Battery and Date options, Quiethours, Keyboard and IME, Lockscreen and Notification Shortcut, Navigation, Powermenu, Quicksettings, DPI Density Changer, TRDS
BeanStalk: Quicksettings, Toggles option, Profile Support , PowerMenu rework
ChameOS: ActiveDisplay, AppSidebar, Gesture unlock, Gesture Anywhere, Netstats, ScreenRecorder
Mokee : PhoneLocation and LunarCalendar Support (only available with Chinese Languages), Speed Dial, IP Call
PA & Carbon : HALO, PA PIE (custom modified, more buttons )
Maxwen: Suspend Actions, Wakelock Blocker, CPU overlays
OMNI: DSPManager Modification, Intrusive Incall options, end call sound
Vanir : Tweaks and debug options, Halo and notification boost


1. Don't dirty flash over if you update from other genius works. Make a full wipe before you flash.
if you are updating from an old version of this rom, dirty flash should be fine.

2. Flashing kernels : 3rd party kernel that consist of CM ramdisk(ie flash with a boot.img image) is not compatible with this rom.
3. On restoring App with Titanium Backup: for those who switching roms all the time, it is recommend to wipe dalvik cache again with recovery.

dalvik cache generated by different rom build from different toolchains may not be compatible. You better do it prior to ART conversion.

4. If you flash SuperSu over this rom, pls checked "Enable su during boot" option in menu, otherwise, root privileges won't work

5. For dev reason I have switch on adb logging in developer options by default. Turn it off if you don't need it and somehow it save battery and get better performance.

6. Currently no proper ui restart function presents, dpi changes and some ui changes need to check the system ui restart option (under developer options) or even a reboot(using hot reboot option should work in most cases) .

7. Wifi Display Support : You need to check the option "Wireless display certification" under developer options to work properly.

8. Statusbar Carrier Label popup no matter how : still looking around and not yet solved.

9. Certain apps not showing up in Play Store(e.g. Facebook,Beautiful Widgets) or shows incompatiblity error.
get a multi dpi Google play store from HERE.


15th July 2014 (ver 3.0.0 )

1. HEADSUP Notification
- rewrite, merge both CM and Slim's modification, apart from Slim's option,
now we have do not disturb and blacklist support from CM. (Settings option moved to gesture thread)
- add floating Window support as well (credits lion378)

2. Halo and Hover
- code cleanup and possible NPE fix.
- fix notification ticker count issue (credits Vanir)

3. Scroll Animation (Vanir)
- touchslop configuration

4. Quiet Hours
- add back option to diable system sound (camera shutter sound as well)
- Extra Daily Times (Slim)

5. Port AICP weather panel (based off TEAM EOS)
- I have rework the code , incorporate with AOKP panel and fix update view without UI restart (except the option with statusbar icon)

6. Active Notification
- Lockscreen Notifcation : squash update and fix (PA)
- rewrite activation code, use list preference to handle activation of Active Display, Lockscreen Notification and Peek. (only one should be activated)

7. Disable Immersive Message to power menu option

8. NavBar IME cursor : option to use Home/ End action (credits Der Schubi)

9. Attempt to fix LTE toggle in Power Widget

11th July 2014 (ver 2.9.9 bld4 )

- Swiftkey popup issue workaround (credits DirtyUnicorn)
- HeadsUp: Correctly add and remove the window
- fix NPE with missing soundpackage files

10th July 2014 (ver 2.9.9bld3 )
Fix Dalvik merge derp
Fix System UI crash with pattern lock set.

9th July 2014 (ver 2.9.9bld2 )

1. Fix Floating Window Mode.
- Correct wrong behaviour with back button pressed
- Fix possible NPE with press action outside float window.

2. Email
- auto fetch attachment with POP3 account
- fix save attachment to local disk with POP3 account
8th July 2014 (ver 2.9.9 )

1. F2FS &EXT4 all in one support by fallback file system handling (credits Team Motorola Mobility and MWisBest)
- just flash the rom no matter which file system you are using, no need to use base pack replacement anymore.

NOTE : For t0lte user : Only System, Data and Cache partitions support F2FS flags.

2. Volume Wake option fix

3. Swipe to lauch Floating Window with Recents (Stock view) and Notification (PA)
- swipe left/down to lauch Floating mode
- swipe helper

4. Hover performance improvements and updates (PA)
- Respect screen limits
- don't treat outside touch event.
- exclude from insecure lockscreen
- fix custom display timeout not showing

5. Quiet Hours Rewrite (slim)
- New Toggle States.
Toggle is now aware of if quiet hours is truly enabled or not.
Enable "force" mode on click: turns quiet hours on / off
Double-click to return to "timed" mode.
- New Features:
Wifi Connected Requirement
Battery Charging Requirement
Individual day times
- Completely rewrote quiet hours to reduce system calls.
No more calendar objects or checking three preferences
and comparing their values on each quiet hours check.
Reduce that to ONE preference check per preference

6. HEADS UP Notification (Slim)
it is a exposed version feature of AOSP L, simply like PA's Hover and modified by Slim.
- seperate control on Mms, Dialer and Email Client
- replace non-intrusive callcard with Incoming Call in background
- snooze timer support.

7. Settings
- Make settings searchable.
- show devices connect to Wifi hotspot
- Use actual storage type of sdcard/usb
- Show notification on adb over network
- App sidebar : fix icon label

8. OmniSwitch: added flat style
9. Keyguard IO and rotation improvement (vanir)
10. External SD card write permission fix
11. Android Lollipop Fonts
12. Apollo: Display the song duration in the queue and info views

30th June 2014 (ver 2.9.8 bld2)
fix wakelock issue with Google Service (CM)

30th June 2014 (ver 2.9.8)
1. Recents Panel
- sychronize blacklist option with floating window in settings thread
- Add HTC View Mod base on AOSB;'s IOS8 bubble info addon
- SlimRecents: Rework show top most task feature (Slim)
2. Hover
- Custom timeout
- do not process front activity by default (PA)
- Rework showing behavior on tablets
3. QuickSettings
- add Appsidebar tile
- add Halo tile
4. Dialer
- Dial keypad padding (Slim)
5 DocumentUI
- Implement DocumentsProvider.createDocument and deleteDocument (PA)
6. Settings
- Reset Battery Stat (CM)
- Hardware Key Button Backlight Control
7. SystemUI: Fix percentage charging color does not apply (Slim)
8. TRDS: Fix Volume panel background
9. Keyguard: update correctly track title and info if screen turns on (Slim)

19th June 2014 (ver 2.9.7bld2)
Settings : fix derp advanced Menu
update SuperSu to 2.0.0

19th June 2014 (ver 2.9.7)
1. Hover Enhancement (credits Der-Schubi)
- Master Switch enable and hidden option
- option to show up only if statusbar not existing
- QuickSettingTiles

2. Recents Panel rework
- optimize UI execution code (vanir)
- rework switching code base on Vanir's work
- add back HTC View mode
- update dependency logic with panel view option (All Clear Button, Rambar, Slim options...)in Settings menu

3. UserTile code update (CM)
4. Peek : sensor improvement
5. Apollo : external storage readable
6. Add UUID (re-)scan support for vold-mounted volume
7. Settings : remove More Settings Menu, move options inside to Display and Sound settings menu accordingly.

12th June 2014 (ver 2.9.6 bld3)
- update density changer
- add back font size control
- listview animation fix

11th June 2014 (ver 2.9.6)

1. Merged with AOSP source (android_4.4.3_r1.1)
3. PA Peek
- support Peek APK
- rework blacklist interface (based on CRdroid )
4. LockClock : Fix YahooPlaceFinder Api Call
5. OmniSwitch: fix quick switcher derps
6. Lockscreen Notification: invisible clearall button when NonClearable Notification(Mokee)
7. Gesture Lock Security
- remove backgroud and use kitkat color scheme
8. QuickSettings:
- Port CompassTile (CM)
9. Lockscreen
- add unlock icons for Gmail and Snapchat
10. Settings
- Power Button to end call, move to hardwarekey thread
- Fix isPackageInstalled logic. (CM)
- PA PIE : fix dependency

4th June 2014 (ver 2.9.5 bld2)
fix unknown statusbar and navbar transprancy issue
update halo icon assets

3rd June 2014 (ver 2.9.5)

Kernel: bk14 beta3
1. squashed RAMspeed improvement from MpoKang
- Enable SCU Speculative linefills
- Tuna: set PL310 cache controller prefetch offset to 3
- Enable PL310 double linefill for Tuna board
2. OMAP4 : do not force workarounds for errata fixed in 4460
3. Update to BFQv7R2
4. Governor : Aggressive, Gallimaufry, Pegasusq and Lulzactive
5. IO scheduler : FIFO scheduler (ASKP)

1. Drop New Theme Engine
this gives nothing but battery eating and instability at this stage.
2. Launcher3
- Add hotword detection
- Gmail className activity update
3. Tiles:
- cleanup WeatherTile and fix NPE
- WeatherTile : show parsed Temp info correctly (depends on LockClock Settings)
- update EqualizerTile
- Pimp up QuickRecord Tile
4. App2SD support (for device with external sdcard)
5. Shake sensitivity adjustment (slim)
6. Fix hiding ADB notification icon (cm)
7. Slim Recents : option to show topmost task
8. Add Volume Control to SlimAction Shortcut
9. Dialer
- Transpatency Glowpad background (slim)
- fix flip action
- Pulse Torch on incoming call(slim)
- Fix reverseLookup (attend: we only accept US number msg)
10. Locscreen Notification : fix expand and clearall button behaviour (vanir)
11. Battery View Fixes (slim)
12. Halo : add boost hints support.
13. OmniSwitch : rework scroller fling
14. Experiment Gps improvement (mwibest)
15. Power Button Fast Torch (Vanir)

26th May 2014 (ver 2.9.4 build3)
fix circle app sidebar launch action

26th May 2014 (ver 2.9.4 build2)

1. roll back to stable bk13 kernel
2. remove PLD prefetch support and 32 bit cacheline flag which looks suspicous
3. revert several bionic updates picked from vanir builds

25th May 2014 (ver 2.9.4)

1. Kernel (beta 2)
- dm cyrpt update (cm)
- bfq v7r2 (remove for lockups found)
- TripnDroid IO
- cfq tunable tweaks (DirtyV)

2. Squisher script support.
png optimized and downsize by ripping off voicedialer and videoeditor

3. Xposed Framework hook rework
user experience issue whenever the app get update, so I dropped them by default and user please install it manually.
Once they are installed, xposed thread will shown up in settings menu

4. Wifi Display add sink and listen support (vanir)

5. QuickSettings:
- add back screencast tile
- port CM quickaccess ribbon (LiquidSmooth)
- Pimp-up QuickRecord Tile (slim)

6. Halo : bug fix
- match kitkat icon style
- no notification left, but swiping halo still launchs app after tasking
- halo button animations don't need to be processed if it's not enabled
- fix partial flip animation with halo button

7. Denisty Changer : swich to on the fly mode (slim)
now it is controlled by different sets of build properties, we should get rid of play store incompatible issue

8. Peek
- Peek wake timeout
- code update from PA upstream

9. Shake Events to Gesture lab and security (slim)
Shake to lauch action / program in keyguard and unlock.

10. Floating mode enhancement
- Enable Transpatent layer to Appcirclesidebar and recent panel

11. Add CPU boosting hooks to scrolling function

12. Allow All Widgets On Keyguard (slim)

13. New Theme Engine ( CM )
noted : lockscreen wallpaper color filled function removed to retain compatibility.
Wallpaper cropper is not function at this moment

13th May 2014 - ver 2.9.3

1. odex optimization and Enable PLD prefetch support and 32 bit cacheline flag
- even smoother and speed up response/startup time
2. Tiles :
- hidden Fcharge Tile if not support by kernel
- port WeatherTile (Dokdo Project, GwonHyeok)
- CPUFreq Tile (PAC.... oops... it need fixing on writing settings)
- port Equalizer Tile to dynamic tiles system (it show when you play media)
3. PowerMenu
- Add Mobile Data Toggle
4. Notification Contextual header (Omni)
5. DocumentUI (Evisceration)
- display external storage by default
- support apk installation
6. Halo (CRDroid)
- allow notification open in floating window or not
7 . Fix Notification Setting buttons intent
8. Allow showing second with Clock (Dokdo Project)
9. Slim Recents
- fix floating window mode
- add development shortcut (lion0738)
10. PA Pie : memory leak fixing and multi user aware.
11. AppCircleSideBar
- Custom TriggerWidth
- add back simple floating window mode
12. fix Carrier Label force showing up on boot (Vanir)
13. Store dialpad showing state (PA)
14. Settings:
- development tools: add animation scale util (cm)
- remove useless mobile plan (cm)
- Add default value for display color control (cm)

4th May 2014 - ver 2.9.2

1. Built with Linaro toolchain(4.9.1) and enable qcom bionic optimization. ! fasten your seat belt!
- Thx to vanir team fixes and LiquidSmooth team modification on build system.
2. Wallpapercropper fix with gif and bmp (aosp)
3. Hardware Key binding : Fix Long Press Action when screen is off
4. On the go mode (Nameless Rom)
- handle display orientation changes
- multiuser awared
5. [add force multi pane switch for Settings (NamelessRom)
6. Fix Remove Notification Logics with Halo and ActiveDisplay
7. Custom Color settings to statusbar icon (airplane mode, data, wifi, volume)
8. PA Peek & custom timout tweak (crdroid)
note: it is in preliminary stage, really a peek, only display once within timout after new notification comes.
9. Tiles:
- battery tile : open up setting thread directly with long click
- TimeOut Tile : long click action to stay awake
10. OmniSwitch
- add quick switcher
11. Add default value for display color control (CM)
12. QuickContact: onLongClick save item data to clipboard
13. Switch to Performance Control by Omni (/w carbon rom mod)
- less buggy and stable.
14. Driving Mode under accessibility option (Omni)

28th Apr 2014 - ver 2.9.1 build2
- add back Connection Manager (Telo Radio) , under battery saver option
- update apn conf.xml... hope this is the root of data connection issue.
- lockscreen shake security fix (slim)

27th Apr 2014 - ver 2.9.1

1. Squash commit : Animation Control
- Custom Animation Control (AOKP)
- Keyboard Animation (XuiMod)
- ListView Animation (Omni)
- Scrolling Animation (XuiMod)
- OverScrolling Animation and Effects (XuiMod)
-Toast Animation (XuiMod)

2. AppsideBar
- Really fix AppSideBar derp with changing side
- Notify if app not being install
3. QuickSettings Tile :
- Fix Advanced Custom Tile location_mode (slim)
- Custom Tile - add Global && Create Small API (slim)
- add text to LocationTile
- add batterysaverTile to slim action system
4. Fix long app name crash
5. Bluetooth :
- add accept all file option (omni)
6. Revert Multi-Window update which cause lockup and breaking swipe action with numerous apps
7. Attempt to address GPS issue
8. Settings
- Use Kernel Tweaker replace Performance from CM
- System app remover: add support priv-app apps (Dirty Unicorn)
9. notification drawer: custom clock & calendar shortcut (omni)

19th Apr 2014 - ver 2.9.0

1. Revert New Theme Engine commits with CM
- to get rid of instability issue for now
2. Revert suspicous commits that may causing data loss issue
3. ActiveDisplay : add force to show by shake action (OMNI)
4. settings: Make mobile settings a first-class citizen (CM)
5. Show package names during dexopt (vanir)
6. DocumentsUI: Allow open files instead of URIs (beerong)
7. Volumepanel: always show option icon (aokp)
8. DownloadProvider: DownloadManager: add support pause/resume/stop notifications
9. Standardize play store and browser download notifications (pa)
10. Implement SIM card management (omni)

12th Apr 2014 - ver 2.8.9 build 2

1. Merge with New Theme Engine (CM)
2. Fix Lockscreen Shake Security timeout option

12th Apr 2014 - ver 2.8.9
1. Remove suspend actions with battery saver option port from OMNI ROM
2. SlimRecents : user configurable default expanded mode (1/2)
3. Settings : proper dependency SlimRecents Style options.
4. Navigation Bar IME cursor
5. LockScreen Shake Security and timeout settings
note 1: Shake Action listener works with lockscreen only. (ie. Shake @ lockscreen to enable security settings.)
note 2: other than never timeout, only 30mins option work. Need time to digging up the reason.
6. Fix Lockscreen Rotation with quick settings
7. Fix CRT Animation

6th Apr 2014 - ver 2.8.8
1. update floating mode with multitasking (omni)
2. fix halo floating window closing anitmation
3. add float view support to App Circle sidebar
4. Fix multi user option
(I should have fixed most of the setting options but multi acc-user please reported if FCs occurred.)
5. Chambert String Edit (slim)
6. SlimRecents: Adress the 50ms touch unsresponsive issue

1st Apr 2014 - ver 2.8.7
1. Kernel
update bfq v6r2
attemp to fix WEP authorization.

2. QuickSettings: Camera Tile Layout alignment fix
3. Recents panel view : seperate AOSP stock and AOSP mod (reflection view)
4. speedup app switch speed
5. QuickHours Toggle fix (slim)
6. Squash AOSP update fix.
7. theme support to ringtone and profile picker activity.
8. Settings: integrate voiceplus to settings.
9. Package Installer : show current and new version (aokp)
10. Update SuperSu to v1.94

23th Mar 2014 - ver 2.8.6

1. bionic : libm: original optimized modf for [ARM NEON] (codefireX)
2. Circle side appbar (omni)
3. On the Go : Turn stop and start service if screen turns off and on
4. Keyguard - Create landscape Emergency Dialer
5. memory leak fix (slim)
6. QuickSettings tile : row back battery back tile onclick action
7. Frameworks : Fix possible ANR and navigation bar freeze (slim)
8. Framework: disable keyguard widget frame (1/2)
9. googlebackuptransport: fix for google backup and restore
10. Keyguard: Fix Pin-Layout (CM)
11. Change SQL to improve performance. (aosp)
12. Dialer : Open dialer code cleanup

20th Mar 2014 - ver 2.8.5
- Port On the Go Mode from Nameless ROM
merge flawlessly with slim action system, you may add it to power menu, navbar, navring.
- Deskclock : use random music as alarm (CM)
- Quiethours : automatic switch (Slim)
auto apply quiethours with vibrate or mute mode
- update volume wakeup option : (aokp)
prevent wakeup when receive AVRCP media keyEvents
- Active display: add timeout settings to shake event (omni)
- lockscreen logic fix
- Fix force close with app opps permission
- several fix merged from aosp
- chinese T9 support

17th Mar 2014 - ver 2.8.4
1. attemp to get rid of mysterious startup systemui force-close
2. Active Display : add shake gesture support
3. Slim recents: Add lefty mode and scale options
4. Quicksettings : add internal storage/memory tile
5. Lockscreen : more color support to lockscreen components.
6. Dialer : drop google api and update people lookup search api
7. Quicksettings : Change battery back tile onclick action
8. Notification Reminder update (slim)
9. OmniSwitch : gravity support

11th Mar 2014 - Patch2
- fix crash with custom lockscreen wallpaper
- Add touchwake control master switch and timeout settings (settings>display)

10th Mar 2014 - ver 2.8.3
1. Add Slim Recents
2. Move OmniSwitch to Slim Action system, we can have aosp , omniswitch and omni recent style play nice together.
3. Tiles Enhancement:
- all tiles can flip, and flip in 4 direction
- add haptic feedback control
- add swipe action support to location and music tile.
4. Active Display improvement (Omni)
- Add option Double tap to sleep
- Add option to show wallpaper blur behind active display
- Allow to show numbers of notification on Handle
- add battery circle around handle
5. Custom Lockscreen Wallpaper
6. Identicons (Chameleonos)
7. Add Smart Pulldown to Slim Action system
8. Notificaition Remnider layout fix (Slim)
9. Fix display user photo (CM)
10. Add Turn off action to Open networks notification (AOKP)
11. Add Turn Tethering off action to wifi and usb tethering notifications (AOKP)
12. Performance : GPS optimizer (country sting changer)(AOSB)
13. Add HTC reflection style to stock recents view (AOSB)
14. Remove debug with notification panel, hopefully get rid of notification lags.

2th Mar 2014 - ver. 2.8.2

Kernel : bk-13 pre-release 1
Built with @metalspring 's custom optimized- Linaro 4.7.4 toolchain -O3 optimized, graphite , link-time opt

Add Adaptive, Dyna Interactive, Hyper Governor Sakuractive from Fancy , Intelliactive from FAUX
ZBUD and ZSWAP (DirtyV)
Update ZRAM and ZCache with LZ4 Compression support

Fix Active Display Brightness Mode
Fix FC with Default App Grid Options (won't enable at the same time)
NetTraffic Rework (by default authhide, add a simple text view style regarding download speed only.)
Expand Desktop through Profile setting (CM)
[1/2] Speed up booting on multicore devices. (CM)
Notification Reminder (Slim)
Settings: Fix Color Control settings not sticking with Reboot
Increase promxity senor update interval. ie. improve sensitivity with Direct Call function
Fix Power Shutter Exception (CM)

23th Feb 2014 - ver. 2.8.1
1) hide statusbar battery icon
2) dialer: prevent touch to wake in phoneUI (oncall screenoff) when touchwake /PGM enabled (base on AOKP)
3) Power Shutter NPE fix (cm)
4) Force highend GFX option (you won't get it for we are running in highgfx mode already)
5) dalvik and libcore leaks (AOSP)
6) stock Recents panel view: force clear caches on longclick
7) Active Display Rework
- fix derppy pocket mode
- partially fix unlock action
(so far I did work out a workaround that need to reset lockscreen state. ie. you will get a normal lockscreen view in transition. )
- add back sun light mode and turn screen off option.
8) Security Settings: Add multi user enable switch.
note: since there are numerous option not yet fix with multi user support. FC are expected with multi user.
9) Fix Statusbar Carrier Label option doesn't stick with reboot.
10) ramdisk tweaks based on DirtyV picks (portion done by franciscofranco, ak, boype & osm0sis + Franco's Dev Team).


ROM (build date: 15th July 2014 ver. 3.0.0 gearslam's AK kernel inside.) :

NOTE 1: To get Root working normally, Please uncheck "Respect CM root settings" in SuperSU.
NOTE 2: On Custom Wallpaper with Mms: you cannot pick the pics with recent tab in DocumentUI, you need to browse your folder(swipe it out from left hand size and pick the actual location of the pic), otherwise you will get FC with it.



PA version works fine with this, but u could get alternative options:

Gapps minmal version : HERE
Note: only with Play store and sync options, you need to download google options from play store by yourself. At least google search needed in order to avoid FC with in-app search...



Keyboard in Full Language and Dictionary(Dark theme and swipe supported) : Download Link1, Download Link2

Viper4 Android Sound : Download Link1, Download Link2
DSPManager will be removed

XLounder Mod : HERE

apktool 1.5.3 for TRDS 3.0 (windows version): HERE

-Burstlam for no reason
-Xboxfanj for helping me and his awesome kernel
-spleef for his gee-base cm device tree
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Running good so far. Lots of options! I knida like this one. Thanks a lot. Hoping the battery holds out. Pretty early yet to tell but setup went smooth and haven't ran into any issues yet. Thanks again

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Pretty cool rom. Good features, but not over done. It's hard getting used to cache menu not being available with long press home button, but slim pie fixes that. Great job man

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Oh yeah! Good job man!!

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Originally Posted by k5t4j5 View Post
Pretty cool rom. Good features, but not over done. It's hard getting used to cache menu not being available with long press home button, but slim pie fixes that. Great job man

Sent from my LG-LS970 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
Yeah I thought so too. But there is a setting in hardware buttons and u can remap recent to the longpress home button.

Sent from my LG-LS970 using xda app-developers app

---------- Post added at 03:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:47 PM ----------

Double-tap to wake doesn't seem to work for me. Might have been mentioned but just letting u know.

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What cpu driver do we install for viper4android?
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Originally Posted by Kippui View Post
What cpu driver do we install for viper4android?
CortexA8 with NEON is suggested in the optimus de thread so it should be good for this I would imagine.

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Day 1 update: I am LOVING this rom and no lags/SoD yet.
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Same here man. I can't believe this isn't getting more attention. There are settings and options with this that I've never even seen b4. And it seems like they all work. Besides dt2w. This ROM is sweet

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Someone show some screenshots
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