Exclamation [Q] Dandroid question (Agenda Widget crashes)

Hey guys,

Dandroid 4.41/Android version 4.12 on the Galaxy SIII/SGH I747 (latest 12/24/13) has been perfectly stable for me. However, as a post-doc student, a calender widget is pretty important for daily work. Anyone have issues with AgendaWidget or similar calender/reminder apps? My issue (for the last two version of Dandroid) is that I'm unable to add an event to the calender. It either doesnt respond (when you click the "+" button to add an event) or crashes.

As a result, I havent been able to use my phone/ synchronize it with Google Calender for quite a while.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather not switch to another ROM since it's been so great.

Thank you.
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