Default [Q] Google Play Edition Roms

I currently have an ATT HTC One (2013) and run the Google Play Edition roms on it, since in essence all GSM variants of the phone were the same and roms could run fine on all of them.
Is this the same for the M8? I really dont want to spend the extra $50 on the GPE, I rather just get the Unlocked Dev edition and flash a GPE rom. Will this be possible. Are there any upsides to buying the GPE?
Current Device:
HTC One (M8) Bootloader Unlocked, S-Off
Current ROM - SinLessROM GPE
Recovery - TWRP 2.7
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Motorola Razr V3xx > Samsung Impression > HTC Vivid > HTC One X+ > HTC One (M7) > HTC One (M8) (current)