Default [Q] stuck on lg security error on my lg optimus l9

I had a problem on my lg when i tried to flash a new custom rom, using a rom flasher not sure which one it was but all of a sudden it rebooted and the lg security error apeared and cant get it to start tried hard reset but didnt work. I also tried the lg mobile support tool. I did get it to sw mode aparrently i already have installed the newest version so it wont upgrade because there is nothing to upgrade. Also tried to upgrade recovery but it pops up that there is no items to fix.
Note: it is rooted. Has cwm installed but the one i downloaded was for an older version of android so its not compadible. It is unlocked if that helps. Everything can be recovered so dont care if data is lost just want it to boot up aka work!! Would really apreciate any help on getting it to work.