Default [Q] SD Card 0 and storage space

I took a bunch of pictures and videos on my phone and I got a message in the middle of taking a pic saying that my storage space was running out and it would store the rest on the data on my external (32GB). I continued to take photos thinking that they would just save on my external. When I tried to go to the gallery app to see all the pics that I took I got another message saying (something along the lines of) some system functions will not work delete apps and data to free up disk space.

I checked my phone storage and it says I have just over 35 GB of pictures and videos. I'm not sure if that's split between SD card 0 and my external. After I deleted a ton of applications just to free up enough space to open my gallery, I only had 155 pictures and 3-4 videos. I know for a fact that there are a ton more. Are my photos gone forever? Is there any way to recover them?