Default [Q] LG G2 D805 Bricked,Cannot flash?

Hey guys, I kinda need help with my LG G2 D805,
I kinda bricked it, and I follow every guide and nothing work,

I installed custom rom (d802) on my d805, it worked, but there was no signal...
After flashing phyl recovery,
My phone got stuck in bootloop,

And now the only thing I can enter is download mode,

I download all the KDZ files, of 802 and also 805 (the stock), but it seems I cannot flash them,
Not through LG Flash tool,i don't know why,Its just wont flash!,
and not through RD test tool, Its just says "Extract File Error",

Iv'e seen the thread
But I just don't understand why I cannot flash anything to my phone (which the only thing I can go in is download mode)

Its pretty new phone...any help will be appreciated..thanks!