Default [Q] [help] Problems with flashing T-mobile modem

So my sister got a new phone and gave me the note that I flashed for her to use with moblicity in Canada, I wasn't a big fan of the rom that I had installed on it before so I decided to try out a few new ones. I installed them, made sure they were 4.0.x so I could run t-mobile modems properly and then when I tried to run a t-mobile modem, it kept saying "Baseband unknown" under the baseband version, I of course thought it could be the rom so I tried a few different roms, like Goldie, Jedi, and some other thats I can't recall but no matter what I did, no luck.
Growing more curious, I decided to try something else and install a different modem, one that wasn't compatible with t-mobile (wind in my case) and as to my surprise, the modem flashed with no problem, except for the fact that I can't connect to my service with it.

I tried a number of modems recommended to me on different forums, such as the blaze modem, but no matter what, I had no luck.
Could someone please help me out with this? Tell me what to do? I'd really like to get this phone working consider my other phone is getting worse and worse.