Info 2 [GAME][TUTORIAL} Write a Flappy Bird game using Basic4Android and LibGDX

I've written a tutorial showing in easy steps how to write a Flappy Bird Clone using Basic4Android and the LibGDX engine.

Check it out here:

I also keep a programming blog here:

Basic4Android for those who don't know it, is a Visual Basic inspired language for writing appps for Android. It compiles to Java before using the ADK to compile to Android bytecode so your appps run at the same speed as if you'd written them directly in Java using Eclipse, except it's MUCH easier to learn and use to write apps.
It does cost money to buy B4A but you can claim a 30% discount if you purchase it through the site and use the voucher code: andymcadam
Basic4Android developer
Check my blog for my tutorials and demos of my games. I try to release all my source code for the benefit of others.