Question MMS issue only while connected to wifi

I'm using the C6806 GPE edition z ultra, bootloader locked and unrooted. I've run into an issue with sending and receiving MMS messages while I am connected to wifi. I am not attempting to send messages over wifi and my APN settings are correct. If my wifi is turned off, I can send and receive without issues. But when it's on, my outgoing mms will sit "sending" forever. Incoming messages come through with the download link but I have to disconnect from wifi to be able to sucessfully download.

I've tried multiple messaging apps and all seem to have the same issue. These are the ones I've tested: Hangouts, EvoleSMS, 8SMS, Textra. Even with the recent update in 8SMS to enable mobile data to send MMS, it still gets stuck in a sending state and is never received by the person I am trying to send to.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or any idea of how to fix it?